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After preparing this recipe many times and following the directions precisely, I've decided to re-rate it with four stars, rather than five. The sauce tastes great and the ease of preparation is good. However, following the recipe directions as written results in the wings "floating" in so much rendered fat that the marinade is completely diluted and the wings are almost "stewed." Thickening and cramelization just don't occur. So, I now put the wings in the oven for about 15 minutes and at the end of that time period, I drain off all the accumulated fat. I then add the sauce, making sure not to "drown" the wings. I turn the wings as they continue to cook and sometimes even adjust the oven to broil for the last few minutes to get the caramelization and sticky texture I want. I dress the wings with some chopped green onion and a few sesame seeds before serving.

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GREG IN SAN DIEGO November 24, 2009

Delicious! I used a chicken drumlets and chicken legs instead of chicken wings, garlic salt instead of garlic and regular salt and got rave reviews for this simple-to-make chicken dish. My ds couldn't stop eating these! We will definitely be making these again soon. Thanks for posting this delicious keeper recipe.

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ellie_ November 26, 2002

Absolutely delicious! I fixed them (this was the first time I fixed chicken wings and with this recipe, it won't be my last!)for Christmas Eve and they were yummy! I love the sauce...full of ingredients I usually have on hand, which is great! My 7-yr old thought they were better as leftovers on her birthday...She was ready for more, but they were gone! A finger-lickin' good recipe that is a definite keeper in this house...Thanks so much T/T for this scrumptious recipe! YUM!

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SilentCricket December 27, 2002

Loved these. Did the 30 minute precook and drained as others suggested and it worked perfect. The sauce camelizes perfect because there is no fat to dilute. I also removed the skin from the wings after precooking because everyone around here is watching their waistline. Also only used 1/2 cup of honey because that is what I had. Worked fine!

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Ycooks2 February 07, 2010

outstanding! everyone in my family was smacking their lips and licking their fingers. i did add alot more garlic but that was the only change i made to the recipe. i cut off the wing tips and discarded them and then cut the wings into 2 pieces. they took a little longer than 1 hour and i kept turning them every 5-10 minutes after an hour was up to get them really evenly glazed. thank you for the recipe.

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taylortwo April 19, 2003

Delicious!!! One of the best wing recipes i have tried. Will definitely make again. Took the advice of other reviewers and cooked the wings for about 20 minutes before adding the sauce. So good i couldnt stop eating them!!

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LA 81 December 28, 2010

Wonderful wings. It was my 1st attempt. I did cook them 20 minutes in advance to remove some fat. I dredged them in the lightest dusting of flour to ensure the sauce thickened and then baked them on a cooling rack and basted them continually. I served them as a main course with melon and a ceasar salad and the entire family enjoyed them. My 1st but not my last try at wings. Great recipe.

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AQueen June 20, 2009

Amazing!!!! We gobbled them down!!! I didn't have any honey on hand so I took the advice of another reviewer & used 1c of brown sugar instead. I also tripled the garlic. I cooked it for 29 min at 370 first flipping half way through. then I applied the sauce and cooked for an additional 40 min. Basting a few times and turning half way through cooking. Served with white rice and green beans.

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Stacie Lora August 12, 2010

My husband and I really liked the sauce for these wings. I halved the sauce and put it in an 8x8 pan. I also added a little bit of sriracha and some red pepper flakes. It's true that these wings fall right off the bone but I was a little sad because I prefer my wings to be crispy. Next time I will be sure to stick them under the broiler for a little bit to crisp them up.

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Smarahcakes November 16, 2011

'that was delicious" my daughter just said! I used low sodium soya sauce, no salt, extra garlic and grated ginger. Used chicken thighs and cooked for approx 40 mins

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Oishi June 16, 2011
Caramelized Chicken Wings