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I'm withholding stars because nobody liked this. :( BOOHOO. I was so looking forward to this dessert, too. I blame the bananas - they were TOO green - very starchy & unappealing. Cooking didn't help them. I'm going to make this again in a few days when the bananas are riper. I'll be back......made for the 2/08 Aussie Swap. ETA: I remade this with bananas that were a bit overripe,lol. Delicious & very sweet. The mascarpone makes a nice sauce & the mint adds a lovely flavor. The kids weren't thrilled with this dish, though.

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Elmotoo March 24, 2008

I hate to be another one to just leave comments, but I got confused and my mistakes are probably why this didn't work for us. The recipe is so simple, I didn't print or write it down so I sort of missed that the directions are for four servings, while the ingredients were for only one. I needed to triple the recipe for 3 servings, but because I just skimmed through the directions, I actually made sauce for 12 servings. No wonder it was so rich! We were thinking maybe it should be used as a topping for something else (ice cream, cake, waffles, ect) but when I came back to review and read through the recipe again, I realize where I went wrong. I will probably try this again, because it is an interesting dessert. I will do a few things different: 1. I will make the correct proportions! 2. Make sure to use straight-ish bananas. Mine were quite curved which made it hard to split nicely. 3. I will bring the mascarpone to room temperature before beginning the recipe. The cheese was cold and took a bit of time to break down into the rest of the sauce (probably wouldn't have been an issue if I hadn't been making enough sauce for a large dinner party!) so I think my bananas got overcooked a bit and I ended up having to break them into pieces. Incidentally, after tasting the recipe and realizing the flavors were a bit overpowering, I added about 2-3 tbs of amaretto and it was quite nice. I might try that next time as well. Sorry, I couldn't give a proper review, but I did enjoy this little experiment and appreciate your sharing it!

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little_wing February 11, 2008
Caramelized Banana With Honey, Mascarpone and Mint