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Delicious, Decadent and Moist! I made this last night to have for Christmas day since bread pudding always seems to better the second day. I must confess that last night I was too tired to make the sauce which I have done and amended slightly today. I tried to find semi sweet chocolate but there was none available (I live in Jamaica) so I used Jamaican chocolate balls and had to add a few other things like egg yolk to get to where it needed to make a sauce, and I added a touch of Cointreau but my husband and I, who sampled the pudding last night sans sauce can hardly wait for the dessert portion of Christmas dinner.
OK, I don't know if it was because I couldn't get real semi sweet chocolate or what but the third night we had the bread pudding I finally found the perfect sauce (IMHO) which was a banana foster sauce (also posted on this website), since it also had bananas and rum in it, it was just an extension of the delicious flavours...oh and I also added raisins to the bread pudding when I added the rum.

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Donalda December 27, 2011
Caramelized Banana Rum Bread Pudding & Chocolate Rum Sauce