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I've made these a few times now. Exactly as written, both legs and wings. My husband LOVES them and I especially like that it uses up the honey and soy sauce that seem to be around our house for a long time. So easy to put together and very yummy. I think every ingredient is super important so wouldn't leave anything out. I once served them as an appetizer with both a sweet and sour dip and a spicy chili dip. Yummy!!

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Logan's Mommy January 15, 2012

Great recipe! I was looking for a fairly simple recipe. I searched for baked chicken. This was easy and VERY scrumptious. I made it exactly like the recipe said. I didn't know though if it was supposed to be baked covered or uncovered. Since it didn't specify I did it uncovered. I was a little worried that it would be dry baking that long. I decided to flip the chicken several times during the baking time. It tasted fabulous! My sauce was a little thin, but the chicken I had on hand was injected with a water solution, so I'm sure that contributed to the sauce being thin. We spooned it over the chicken and baked potatoes. Yum! fyi- for those of us on Farenheit the degrees should be 350. I had to find a celcius to farenheit converter. Next time I'll try it with butcher-shop chicken to see if the sauce is still thin. Either way, it is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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fabricinnovations December 07, 2011

This recipe made me sign up so I could join in all the fun. My 5 year old left the TV in her room to come out and find out what that yummy smell was. She gave this 100 stars. It is quite delicious! I tweeked it a little bit. Here's what I did: I made 5lbs of drumsticks so I doubled the sauce (and it was too much but half would not have been enough either so I have saved it and will use it on pork chops later) and added ALOT more garlic- we are Italian and love our garlic, I added about a 1/2 tablespoon of onion powder plus 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. I marinated these little cuties right in the roasting pan for about 6 or 7 hours and then baked them right in the sauce. They took alot longer than an hour. Mine took a little over 2 hours to get the skin the way we like it and to get the glaze to carmelize. Towards the end, I tasted the sauce and thought they just didn't have the flavor I was looking for. They were sweet but that's it. So I squirted a bunch of lemon juice over them, basted them to mix it in a little and finished baking them. They were fabulous! My husband said "I can't stop eating these, they're addictive." Next time, I'll used more cider vinegar and lemon to give them a little more zing. What's nice is that you can easily adjust the recipe to your liking. They are really good! As a matter of fact, the leftovers are calling out to me from the kitchen right now! I think I'll go have one (or 3). Yum!!!!!

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Realtor by day, Chef by night January 01, 2009

I just made this for the first time yesterday. I doubled the recipe with the addition of two heaping teaspoons of Sambal Oelek (thanks William "Uncle Bill" Anatooskin for this suggestion!) and also turned the wings twice during cooking, basting each time. I also turned up the heat for the last 10 minutes plus another 10 minutes in order to caramelize the sauce. The sauce was so delicious that we were spooning it out for dipping and the wings taste even better right out of the refrigerator today! I only gave four stars because the sauce is very thin. I think I may try adding cornstarch to the sauce or dredging the wings in flour next time to see if that helps thicken things up. I may also add a bit more Sambal Oelek to up the heat. This one is definitely worth saving!

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xasperated August 01, 2014

well I cooked it and I am disappointed. Basically wound up being chicken legs boiled in a sauce that would not even stick to the chicken... and I measured it all out right. Didn't even taste the marinating at all and didn't get any carmelizing on it. Oh well.<br/><br/>a few seconds ago · Like

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donkadawn2 June 02, 2014

Everybody loved this. My daughter said the room was quiet lol. I removed the sauce after and boiled it with a little cornstarch poured it back over and baked it at 385 for 10 minutes after cooking and basting at 350 for 1 hour. Will make many more times

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MY HUNNY March 25, 2014

Perfect! Based on previous reviews, I added a cornstarch slurry to the bottom of the foil-lined casserole dish. I marinated the chicken legs overnight to infuse flavor. They were glazed, sweet, and delicious! I have 3 littles in the house (6, 7 and 9) and they ate the chicken off the bone! DD mentioned that it would be easier to eat if there were no bones, but she killed it! Delicious! Served with mashed potatoes and broccoli. Will make this again. Thanks for a great recipe!

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Cris C. August 27, 2014

I used chicken wings (1 oz short of 5 lbs worth - 18 wings in total including tips - ) so I upped the sauce as follows taking into account dietary needs - 3 1/3 T olive oil, 3/4 cup soy sauce (low sodium), 3 1/3 T tomatoe sauce (ketchup). 1/2 cup honey and 5 teaspoons of minced garlic. I poured this over the wings and let them marinate for a few hours and cooked as directed (they were well crowded in the pan) and baked them for 1 hour at 175C fan forced oven and turned them over about half way through the cooking time. Delicious with the sauce drizzled over the rice and steamed vegetables. Of the 18 cooked we ended up with 5 left over and it is a bun fight between the DM and me as to who gets them for lunch tomorrow - so maybe if will have to be a snack for each of us. Thank you djmastermum for a great recipe (which I will be trying with a quartered chicken) , made for Aussie/Kiwi Swap #37 February 2010.

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I'mPat December 09, 2010

Chicken was full of flavor and very tender and moist. I used drummets, my family loved it!!!Thanks so much

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MsVee September 01, 2009

This recipe was very easy to make. Instead of Honey I used Franks hot wing sauce. Turned out great. Do not try this if you do not like hot food. I do

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Vernon P. September 18, 2014
Caramelized Baked Chicken Legs/Wings