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Well I loved these. If you love peanut butter, these brownies are for you. I used low fat cream cheese, fat free sour cream and crunchy peanut butter and they tasted amazing. Thank you.

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Starluvsky July 17, 2009

OMG I need more stars for this review!!! These are so delicious!! I used light margarine, reduced fat pb and fat free cream cheese and they STILL came out fabulous. I also used Smuckers caramel sundae sauce and dropped globs of it on the cheesecake batter instead of making the sauce. So good, you must try these!

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Lil Sis May 21, 2009

These are simply unbelievable. They don't taste like they're made with a brownie mix at all, yet they allow one to make a fancy brownie in the same amount of time it'd have taken to make a plain from-scratch brownie. The flavor combination is absolutely perfect--it's like a brownie cheesecake with mellow, rich hints of caramel and peanut butter. I'm not sure what more one could want in a dessert. I made these for my brother, whose favorite desserts are brownies and cheesecake and whose favorite candy bar is Reeses. Needless to say, he FLIPPED over these. :) Thanks for a HUGE winner!

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hannahactually July 06, 2008

Cookie, you definitely got a winner here! I'd give this 10 stars if I could! I made these today and they are almost gone. My family loved them. My DH who is a brownie lover and my son who loves cheesecake... felt like their worlds collided with this wonderful dessert. Wow, It is delicious. I had to hide a few for myself. I love the combination of the peanut butter, brownie ahd cheesecake flavours! I can't wait to make these for a gathering. My boys just kept saying "Oh Mom, Wow, these are the bomb" Tell Cookie Thank you." They kept asking me if there were anymore, I had to tell them No, even thou I had a few for myself to indulge in later tonight! YUM. *Keeper* and will definitely make again. The carmel topping was a perfect touch and sent this dessert over the edge. Bravo.... Thanks for sharing. ~V

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Vseward (Chef~V) September 17, 2007

I am in AWE of these brownies! I'm eating one right now and pretty sure I will have one in an hour or so. I didn't have time to garnish it since it was for an unexpected get together but it still is amazing! Very easy to make.

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smoothbaker July 22, 2007

Cookie, I am a brownie and cheesecake addict. I am picky about these two desserts as well. This brownie recipe is absolutely OUTSTANDING! I didn't have any brownie mix on hand so used my The Best Brownies as the base. We are eating it, after being out of the oven for about 45 minutes, so it is still warm. Each flavor is so distinct. I love the brownie bottom. I love the cheesecake and peanut butter filling. I love the caramel swirl on top. All of these flavors blend and compliment each other so well. I am a happy camper right now! I took a piece of the brownie up to my husband and all he kept "saying" was mmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm. These are some of the BEST brownies I have ever stuck in my mouth. I cannot believe this recipe hasn't been reviewed until now. People are missing out! :-) Thanks so much for another wonderful recipe.

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Juenessa March 04, 2007
Caramel Swirl Cheesecake Brownies