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I have the same basic recipe, I saw it on the Ming Tsai PBS show and he had Duff Goldman as a guest and he made it and put it in a fudge recipe with bacon! He said he found out how to do this process by a Mexican lady. The only difference is Duff's recipe says to boil 3 hours, then when done put in a bowl of ice water and let sit for about 30 minutes. Worked perfect for me! I also must add that I did not put it in a big enough pan and it constantly lost water and I kept adding more...lol...so glad the can didn't explode! I too, like Sydney Mike will use it for apples and ice cream...I actually came here to find out what else I can make with caramel! (Sitting with a spoon and eating it is just too rich haha.)

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MissJennifer May 15, 2014

Made this initially to use as a dip for some wonderfully tasty Honey Crisp apple wedges, & find now that we also like is as an ice cream syrup! Many other uses for it, I'm sure, & over the next couple of months, I expect to explore quite a number of those uses! Thanks for sharing this great idea! [Made & reviewed in New Kids on the Block recipe tag]

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Sydney Mike November 19, 2011
Caramel Sweetened Condensed Milk