Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 30 mins

This recipe is from my cousin who is a great cook. They are one of my favorite squares.

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  1. For crust: cream butter.
  2. Add brown sugar.
  3. Add beaten egg yolks and beat well.
  4. Add flour and combine thoroughly.
  5. Spread mixture in bottom of greased 8" square pan.
  6. For topping: beat 2 egg whites until stiff.
  7. Blend in lightly packed brown sugar.
  8. Add vanilla, salt and fold in nuts.
  9. Spread over crust.
  10. Bake in preheated 350 degree oven for 30 min.
Most Helpful

Family and guests alike, all loved it; the few pieces that remained uneaten were eaten the following day and they tasted even better - this could be one of those recipes where the taste and texture of the final product is enriched with time.
I didnt add nuts bec I wasnt sure if our guests suffered from a nut allergy, and $it turned out just fine; though I would've loved the crunchiness of nuts, such as almonds, which are our favourite. Will add nuts next time.

tinaki99 August 14, 2011

Thank you for sharing this recipe! This has been a family favorite of ours for many years and since my mom's passing, this Sept, the recipe had been lost. Thank you and thank you for my brothers!!!!

sue-german December 19, 2010

Thank you for posting this recipe. It was my grandmother's favourite Christmas snack and my Gramps accidentally threw it out along with the Deed to the house...: ) I have been looking for it for _years_. I must have come from an old cookbook, long ago, as obviously, someone else has the recipe! That said, I couldn't get the whites to whip completely (took that mixer back!) and the oven wasn't working right, and it came out a bit doughy, but it still turned out great considering the situation. The first bite is pretty simple, but these really grow on you...I've come to love them over the years...thanks again!

joannemuriel December 15, 2009