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This recipe is great. I love these little squares with tea.

A note to the prior reviewer who said that cornflour is masa. This is incorrect. Cornflower in British English is actually cornstarch. You need cornstarch for this recipe.

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Mind the Gap August 23, 2012

WOW! This is incredible! The only chocolate in the house was a bag of Dove dark miniature hearts. I think I'll use Hershey's milk chocolate next time. But this is a terrific recipie! I can see why they're in all the tea shops. They weren't invented yet when I was there because I didn't see them then, but OOOH! I think I need another..... Next time I'll bake it a little less, maybe 20 minutes and 15. The shortbread is very crunchy and I think I prefer a little tenderer cookie. The edges of the carmel layer are chewey and crunchy--delicious! We'll see how they age and mellow--if they last till tomorrow. The cook keeps going back for samples! (LOL) This is a great one! Sorry, (not really) this is not diet fare. Great with hot tea or ice cold milk!

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Countrywife February 09, 2003

It's millionaire's shortbread!! I made this for a cake sale in school and it was sold out within 2 minutes. Very rich and fairly expensive but totally worth it.

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sarah*kate August 27, 2002

Good and rich but mine boiled over in the oven and had a real mess. Had to clean the oven before using again. Put a sheet pan underneath so it doesn't happen to you.

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adopt a greyhound April 16, 2014

It was very difficult to make these and not get to try them for a day and a half!! It was my family reunion and we have a dessert contest and I wanted to win. So I searched this site for just the right dish, one that would hold up abd not have to be referidgerated because we were camping and there just wast space! So this recipe popped out at me and I said "That's the one!" I went to 3 stores before I figured out what the corn flour was, Masa, lol! Then I got to make them, and they were very easy to make, which I love! They smelled sooo!! good!! But I wanted to win so alone I left it. Saturday afternoon came and I was telling everyone that I was going to win the dessert contest this year. Well then we decided to put it off until dinner because it was hot and we were going to play volleyball and/or go to the river. So after dinner I bring out my caramel squares, they sit next an oreo pie, berry cobbler, and cheese cake. Four plates get made for the judges, all kids by the way, and they all picked mine!! Can't thank you enough for the Frischman Family Reunion Dessert Winner 2010!!!

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carrie.77.metcalfe September 05, 2010

This is a fabulous recipe. The caramel in particular is wonderful. Personally, I would like a little bit more shortbread so next time I will increase by about 50%. Many thanks Mille

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Majella@Belfast October 29, 2009

These were excellent! Everyone loved them. The only thing I did differently was to place the chocolate (I used Doves miniture milk chocolates) on the bars while they were still warm. Then when the chocolates melted all you have to do is spread them over the bars. I can't wait to try more recipes. Thanx so much for posting this!!!!!

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veronica momof five February 18, 2004

It's shortbread topped with caramel topped with chocolate - how could it possibly be anything but decadently delicious?? Sooo beautifully rich! Like Countrywife, I too would bake these a little less the next time, as the crust did turn out a little dry and fragile around the edges. Tastewise it makes little difference though. I'm off to have another one. Thank you!!

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stormylee October 16, 2009

My mom makes these..she calls them twix squares because they are like the chocolate bars. I have saved and next time I need squares they are on my list..they are yummy. Thanks for posting.

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KennKonn July 12, 2007

The only way i can describe theese little delectable morseles,"Out of this world". I wish i could give it 10 stares. Recently i have been craving caramely stuff and this was spot on. I Baked my crust for 21 minutes and the caramel layer for 17 minutes, the results was soft with abit off crispy caramel on the sides. I didnt put any chocolate on becauce the only chocholate i had on hand was Lindt dark chocolate taking another reviwers advice I thought it would be to intense and ruin the taste so i left it out.

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lemoncurd April 06, 2005
Caramel Squares