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This was really really good. This is the kind of recipe you could take to a barbeque and people would ask you for it. It's super-healthy as well, which is a plus in my book. It uses brown sugar, but it wasn't really sweet like caramel, more of a subtle and complex sweet flavour with the lime juice and soy sauce - but oh so good.
I substituted potatoes for the carrots and parsnips (as I didn't have any carrots or parsnips around). Also, unfortunately, I only saw the 1/2in part of "1 1/2in chunks", so I ended up with a somewhat less chunky version (you can see this in my photo). Whoops! But I figure, it%u2019s approximately the same, so I'd put it up here.
Another thing I may have gone awry with was the star anise part. I wonder if your supposed to crush the star anise before tossing with the vegetables? Because I just tossed it whole, and (not surprisingly in retrospect) couldn't taste the star anise. Maybe next time I will crush the star anise and/or use star anise seed.
Despite the goof-ups, though, it was still great - so very unique, fusion-style, and delicious.

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chefdownunda November 05, 2010
Caramel Soy Roast Vegetables