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This was an absolute disaster!. Everything seemed to go well up until the baking step. After about 15 minutes in the oven I noticed an awful burning smell. When I looked in the oven I noticed the water/brown sugar liquid boiling over. I assumed it was normal and just figured it would evaporate. Nope. Another 15 minutes later and my entire apartment was filled with smoke. So sad this didn't turn out. The photo was very much misleading. However, as the other reviews state (which I mistakenly did not read beforehand) it may have came out descent had I used 2 cups (maybe even less) instead of 4 cups. :

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malando19 October 30, 2012

Great recipe. I cut water down to 2 cups as I like it thicker. I also added 1 tablespoon of butter to give it a more caramely taste.

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tt3q0a3c1b October 11, 2009

Nice. I have been searching for one like this for a long time. The taste is exactly like one that I remember from my childhood. Thanks.

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Kim~In~Canada November 16, 2006

This is a sort of new review, I had forgot to give this a star rating last time and I don't want someone viewing this as that.(no stars-unrated) I want other to make this. We thought this was great. This recipe was a fluke, I happened across it for you were featured as 'the Chef of the day'. I had all the ingredients on hand which was great, my family liking this was even greater! Thanks so much for sharing! The star is in place this time!

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lets.eat January 13, 2006

Okay looking at Leeezah's picture I did make it right. This recipe had me thinking I did something wrong. I was expecting a THICK caramel sauce. The sauce is very watery, nowhere close to a caramel sauce I was thinking of. The cake part taste like a sweetend biscuit to me. If I make this again I won't use the 4c. of boiling water I think I'd use only 2c. to disolve the brown sugar. When I cooked the cake then took it out of the oven there was a good half an inch of watery liquid (caramel sauce) under the cake so much so, that the cake was actually sloshing back and forth in the pan. I'm still preplexed on the taste of the cake itself, the texture of it was nice, but it was lacking some flavor maybe some vanilla extract would add something? Now I followed the recipe as it was written, so I'm not sure what happen? The recipe seems like a great and yummy idea, but what I came out with was anything but that.

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Camzmom December 22, 2005
Caramel Pudding Cake