Caramel Pears Belle Helene

READY IN: 45mins
Recipe by Mommy Diva

A delicately decadent dessert - elegant yet easy enough to prepare for your most honoured guests! Found on FoodNetwork. Courtesy of Simple French Desserts by Jill O'Connor. "This classic French dessert is enriched by poaching the pears in a caramelized sugar syrup spiked with fresh ginger and Poire William, a heady pear brandy. You can drizzle caramel sauce over the pears and ice cream instead of the more traditional chocolate sauce." I'm thinking the caramel sounds lovely!

Top Review by Elmotoo

OH YES YES YESSSSS! We are huge fans of poached pears in this house. I learned of this in Brussels where I had a parfait called Belle Helene. I asked about it & found that Belle de Brillet was used. When I got home I hunted this stuff down. This is an absolute favorite drink now. (like OMG THIS STUFF IS GOOD) So of course I tagged this recipe. ;) What I did was to cook the liquid right down to a caramelly syrup. I do suggest adding boiling, not just hot, water to the caramel in Step 4. I think it will make it easier to combine. Thank you, Chelle, darling & FIGHT LIKE A GIRL! xoxo Bethie

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  1. Peel the ginger and cut into 1/4-inch-thick disks.
  2. In a deep saucepan large enough to hold the pear halves in a single layer, combine the ginger, sugar, and 1/2 cup of the water.
  3. Bring to a boil over high heat; Cook the syrup until it turns a medium amber brown.
  4. Remove the pan from heat and carefully add the remaining 2 1/2 cups water.
  5. Stir until the caramel is completely dissolved then add the vanilla bean to the syrup.
  6. Peel the pears, leaving the stems intact and cut the pears in half lengthwise.
  7. Use a melon baller to remove the central core;Draw the melon baller from the core to the top of the pear, removing the interior stem, up to the top of the pear.
  8. Add the pears to the caramel syrup.
  9. Simmer and cook the pears, uncovered, until they are tender but not mushy when pierced with a sharp knife, 15 to 20 minutes (the length of poaching time depends on the ripeness of the fruit).
  10. Stir in the pear brandy, if using.
  11. Remove the pan from heat and let the pears cool to room temperature in the poaching liquid.
  12. The pears can be served immediately, or covered and refrigerated in the poaching liquid for up to 2 days.
  13. To serve, drain the pears and place each pear half on a dessert plate.
  14. Place a scoop of vanilla ice cream alongside or on top of the poached pear. Drizzle with caramel sauce (or chocolate if preferred).
  15. Sprinkle with the pistachios and serve immediately.
  16. Enjoy! :).

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