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We really liked this. I used vanilla marshmallows and chocolate ice cream. Made for everyday tag.

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Elaniemay May 01, 2010

Ohhhhhhhhhh, my GOSH!!! The ice cream hasn't set properly yet.......but I did just cheat and have a little taste o.k..... maybe 2 O.k then... maybe 3 or 4 tastes....lol I think I stuffed up, by letting the ice cream soften to much, but went ahead anyways. but I think the swirling went wrong because it didnt swirl well.... too soft with the ice cream I think!!!! I used yellow and apricot marshmallows, maybe the colour was not as predominant as the pink would be, but hey as long as it worked. I actually used a no name brand ice cream and from what I have just tasted this no name. cheap ice cream, has miraculously turned into a katew creamy fantastic awesome flavour top quality ice cream! The familly is going to love this katew............. You gotta try it!!!! UPDATE: The family loved this and it didnt last long at all, especially when it was served with a little extra caramel sauce! Divine!

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Tisme October 12, 2009
Caramel Marshmallow Ice Cream