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This is one of my favorite recipes!!! I can't stop eating them. These are a sugary addiction you cannot resist, plain or dipped! It's nice and chewy, which sadly makes it hard to cut. Could be made in a slightly larger pan, this fills up fairly high and takes a long time to set up. Couldn't find a 15 ounce can of sweetened condensed milk, 14 ounces works perfectly. I will definitely be making this many times more. THANK YOU michEgan!!!!

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lpoffen January 08, 2009

A bazillion stars for Caramel Gold. *smack me, because...* I can't believe I haven't written a review for this FABULOUS, PERFECT carmel recipe, yet. I've been using this recipe, exclusively, since 2004. This is the best. No question. I make it every year for Christmas and do all sorts of different things with it. It's my family's favorite caramel, ever! I apologize for not giving you the accolades you deserve, years ago. *blush* Thank you so much for sharing, michEgan.

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Piper Lee March 08, 2011

We loved this, especially my dh. We ate it all before I could try to make the turtles. But I am looking forward to making them in the future. Thanks so much for sharing.

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Feej January 29, 2010

AMAZING! This recipe is perfect, easy to follow. If you follow the instructions carefully, you'll end up with nice, chewy yet solid, delicious candy!! I made this recipe for the first time to enter in the county fair "caramel confectionery" category & won first place!!

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Debbb October 10, 2009

I love, love, love this recipe!! It turned out perfect! I will use this recipe for many years to come, thank you so much for sharing!! Greatness!

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CrazyMix January 14, 2009

Very good - but be careful and don't get impatient with the burner setting. It will scorch if turned higher than the medium noted in the recipe. 245 degrees worked well - a great dipping chocolate is the ghiarardelli candy making and dipping bar - double chocolate - big size sold at Sam's Club.

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Crazy Lady in Florida Keys November 22, 2008

WOW! I'm so glad I gave your recipe a chance. I have been a turtle making fool the last few days! I brought them to a huge gathering and EVERYONE loved them and couldn't believe how decadent they were. I have no need for any other recipe for caramel again. I've been just melting the Hershey's milk chocolate chips for my turtles. Due to the fact that the caramel is soft it must be kept refrigerated. My only issue is the fact that you CANNOT use the waxed paper suggested, not even greased it sticks so bad! No biggie! Thanks, Reefbubbles

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Reefbubbles May 18, 2008

I cannot describe how good these are.The photos of these morsels looked so tasty I just had to make them.Am I glad I did!!I chopped up 1 cup of almonds and mixed them in with the caramel after it was taken off the heat.I cooled it to room temperature and then put it in the fridge for about 1/2 hour.They were so easy to cut.I made them into small cubes and am,right now,in the process of dipping them in milk chocolate.I'm just trying a few to see how I like them with the chocolate.They are so tasty already,I'm not sure if they can be improved upon.Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!

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LuuvBunny March 22, 2007

My goodness! When michEgan said it was EXCELLENT, she wasn't kidding. I have never had any caramels (homemade or from any candy story) as perfect as these. They were creamy and flavorful with the perfect chewiness (I thought 245F was perfect--firm but easily chewed). I mixed in a cup of pecan pieces before I poured them out, but next time I would use 2 cups so they will be nice and nutty. Only cut them as you use them and keep them wrapped up in plastic wrap or they will get sticky. I found that if I set them out on a dessert tray they would stick to each other and the plate so I decided to dip them in chocolate for better presentation. I would also dip the bottoms of the turtles in chocolate as well--otherwise, they will stick to the serving dish. I used Baker's Microwaveable Real Milk Chocolate Dipping sauce because I was in a hurry and it was readily available and had fabulous results. I stuck the cut caramels in the freezer before dipping so the chocolate would set up quickly. Better than store-bought! HIGHLY recommended.

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Sharlene~W December 28, 2006

Oh yeah, this was good. I turned it into turtles. I'll be making this one again. It's going to be such a nice surprise in my goodie baskets this year.

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Mysterygirl December 11, 2006
Caramel Gold