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This is basically penuche fudge, spread on top of cake. If you want a soft, fluffy frosting, this isn't it. Incredibly sweet (just the way I like it!) (If you don't love things that are so sweet your teeth ache just looking at it, then you probably should avoid this.) I just made this about 10 minutes ago to frost a white cake and I'm already eating a piece. WOW! What a fabulous combination of flavors! This will be my favorite frosting for white cake now! --- Word of warning -- You MUST spread this the very minute you finish mixing sugar & vanilla in or else it won't stick to the cake. I used a bundt pan for the cake and the frosting was already firming as I tried to put it on. I ended up using my fingers to flatten the frosting onto the cake. Rich and buttery. Thanks for sharing a keeper Martina! -- Three stars simply because the title of "frosting" can be misleading to some because it's not a traditional fluffy type frosting.

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-JL- January 02, 2004

Excellent! Very easy! Very tasty! I made it for a german chocolate cake, i know..... not traditional, but....YUM!

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datadoll February 01, 2007

Made this to top my applesauce dump cake/with spiced dusting sugar, #171929, it was very easy to make, and tasted almost as good as a brown sugar frosting that has been passed down in my family for 2 generations. Thank you, I enjoyed it very much!! Twinzaunt

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TWINZAUNT September 27, 2006
Caramel Frosting