Caramel Fluff for Fruit and Topping

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READY IN: 20mins
Recipe by L DJ3309

Caramel whipped cream topping for dipping apple slices, banana chunks or grapes; to top ginger bread, cakes and pies. Cooking time is estimated.


  1. Pour sugar evenly over bottom of medium sauce pan. Carefully pour water over sugar to cover all with out disturbing sugar.
  2. Turn heat on high. Cook without stirring or moving pan until any part of the mixture turns slightly brown.
  3. Watch carefully.
  4. Swirl pan to even the color and cook until golden brown. NEVER STIR.
  5. Carefully pour in 1/2 cup cream, without stirring.
  6. Boil on high until the mixture turns into a sauce consistency, no stirring.
  7. Remove from the stove and cool completely. using a mixer bowl with a whip attachment add remaining cream and vanilla, whip until it holds a soft peak.
  8. Add caramel in steady stream beating constantly, scraping down sides, until light and fluffy.

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