Caramel Filling

Recipe by Dienia B.

Hungarian American Cooking

Top Review by Red Hook

Great filling recipe! Mine came out a tad firmer than I would have liked (boiled it too long to soft ball) but I just used it before it cooled and it spread like a dream! Thanks for the recipe! Also, I started caramelizing right as the mixture started to come together and drip instead of drop...weird, but I can't describe it any more than that! Also, when you add the caramelized sugar to the mixture, make sure the mixture is MASSIVELY hot, as in has been hardcore boiling for two minutes or so. I made two batches and on the second I turned the mix down to a simmer to buy time and when I added the caramel, it just balled up in the bottom of the pot! Fixed by boiling for a few minutes.

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  1. Cook butter, sugar and cream together until it threads.
  2. Add caramelized sugar and vanilla.
  3. Cool and fill cake.
  4. How to caramelize sugar:.
  5. Melt sugar in a fry pan, stirring constantly, until a golden brown.
  6. Add to mixture at once or it will harden.

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