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Based on the other reviews, I made a double batch of the dough, and just one batch of the caramel filling. I had 38 double cookies, and had enough filling for 35 of them. The last 3 I just used some jam. They are wonderful, and the filling is just great! Being I am in the US, golden syrup is difficult to find. I substituted pancake syrup and it worked just fine. I even really liked the addition of the slight maple flavor. I decided the cookies didnt have enough sweetness for me, so I sieved a small amount of powdered sugar over the finished cookies. Next time I will add 1/2 cup additional powdered sugar to the dough. I think that will be just perfect. An excellent cookie, and will be a great addition to my Christmas cookie trays.

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SherS September 18, 2008

An excellent recipe! As the other reviewer said, it is a shortbread type biscuit. I filled some of them with jam. Everyone loved them, thanks!

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najwa June 24, 2005

where have these biscuits been all my life?! they are beyond amazing and far and away the best i have tasted since i have been in the US where i have had to contend with the soft chewy texture of "cookies" that are so popular here, and that i don't like at all. this is just the kind of biscuits i used to have in SA and love so much. as if they are not stellar enough by themselves, the caramel filling catapults it into a whole new dimension. i don't think i can be effusive enough in my praise, i am just so thrilled to have found this recipe. it's great as is, though i think i should mention that for me, i halved the filling and still had some left over - even while sandwiching them generously. so one might want to adjust accordingly. btw, in the ingredient list, the unit of butter is not specified, so i assumed it to be 60grams, since the rest of the recipe was in metric. i think i'll leave this review now and go back to munching these wonderful goodies over some coffee:)

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eatrealfood May 09, 2005

These are so good its sinful! Melt in your mouth shortbread type biscuit with a delicious caramel filling..very easy to make. I got 16 'doubles' from the mixture. Thanks for sharing.

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Evie* May 06, 2005
Caramel-filled biscuits