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These dumplings are filled with childhood memories! My mother often baked this recipe for us - 8 kids!!! We all loved them! The only change we do is to add a teaspoon of pure vanilla to the sauce mixture! A very easy recipe and tasty dessert.

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Elly in Canada December 17, 2007

Hooo Wheee! These are amazing! I was not sure what to expect but I am glad that I decided to just jump in and figure it out as I went along! I had a few incidents along the way though (when don't I?). When adding the water to the butter and brown sugar, it all seized up on me and I was scared I had ruined it. I just kept stirring and the sugar melted back into a liquid. Phew! Then while creaming the white sugar and butter together, I tried to do it by hand. I thought I had it combined well... but once I added the milk, I couldn't get it to mix in, no matter what I did. So I got out my mixer and tried with that. It still wouldn't blend together very well but at least the little bits were smaller now. So I dumped in the flour mixture and just hoped for the best. Success! It all came together in the end! These came out so NEAT! The little dumplings are so tender and wonderful! We tried to dig in right away but it was TOO hot so we let it sit for about 5 or 10 minutes. That just made them SO much better. The caramel gets almost creamy from the bottoms of the dumplings. Loved it. Thank you for expanding my culinary experience! I will make these again!

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Saturn October 26, 2007
Caramel Dumplings