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Really good. Followed recipe to the letter. Came out wonderful. I just love Caramel!

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momma213 June 19, 2010

This is my new favorite bar-cookie recipe. I'd bookmarked it when included in the Washington Post holiday cookie recipes, but only made them recently. They're easy to make and assemble (non-stick aluminum foil works as good as, if not better, than parchment, IMHO). The last time I made them, my "bargain" store-brand condensed milk broke into a rough mess while simmering, even at med-low heat. I started over and watched it like a hawk, as it was the same cheap brand, and the caramel stayed together. I store the cookies at room temp in a cookie tin, and they keep well - but they don't last long at all. The only things I do differently is add a bit more salt, either in the dough (1/2t total), or follow the recipe, and sprinkle on some coarse salt when it comes out of the oven. It tastes like a salted caramel cookie; I think the caramel flavors benefit greatly from the extra salt. In addition, I cut off the outside crusts, as close to the edge as I can get, with a sharp knife. We still eat the dark and chewy narrow crusts, but the rest of the cookies are so much prettier. *Not that you will want to share, that is.*

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TigerJo~ March 21, 2010

Amazing cookies. I've made them three times and they are always great. The only thing I do differently is sub golden syrup for corn syrup. Its hard to find corn syrup where I live. These are a real crowd pleaser and they look great.

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daraeve March 22, 2011

THESE.ARE.AWESOME. I loved these, in fact my whole family loved them. They were super rich (just how I like my deserts). I would say to watch the carmel sauce like a hawk becuase it started to burn really quick, so I poured it on top of the crust even though it barely changed color and hoped for the best. It turned out awesome. I had a mishap taking it out of the pan and dropped it on the floor, it shattered but stayed on the foil....so we ate it anyway. I used the really mashed up bits to top my Husbands vanilla ice ceam. like I said AWESOME.

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lexi L March 15, 2011
Caramel Crumb Bars