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oh man was this good. one thing it does need maybe more than an hour so that the flavors can meld a little bit. i couldnt wait so i dived in early it was good but i could tell it needed more time. the snickers gave it a little bit of texture which was nice but i think that i will melt them in the microwave a littel first next time to allow them to spread a little and let the chocolate meld with the pudding a little. good trifle thanks

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gregory schulte January 28, 2006

Very good. I changed this recipe a bit, I used cool whip and I grated a symphony bar with toffe and nuts, and I made a mistake and purchased a milky way flavored caramel, and I used a chocolate cake I baked from a cake mix. The end result was delicious however next time I would like to use plain caramel and a plain symphony bar. The more it sits in the fridge before serving the better it tastes. Thanks for the tasty recipe that I will be making again!

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chef FIFI October 26, 2005
Caramel-Cream Trifle