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Goodness this is good! Very easy to make, as long as you pay close attention to the instructions, temp, and time. Poured it over beer bread and ever soooo lip-smacking-good. Will serve it later for the kiddies over ice cream. They'll be ecstatically happy! Thank you breezermom for an oldie, but goodie!

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ForeverMama April 06, 2014

Delish. I cut the water to 1/4 c., and the butter back to 6 T. and cooked longer so it reached an amber color (being careful not to burn the sugar), added the butter, then after removing from heat stirred in the cream. Watchout when you add the cream it really foams up. Used as a topping for ice cream.

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BakinBaby April 11, 2011

As written, this isn't caramel butter sauce, just sugar butter sauce. I followed the recipe exactly and at the point of adding the butter and cream the sauce wasn't carmelized at all. I bought a new candy thermometer just to make this and added at the soft crack stage as it calls for. I ended up cooking it quite a while more, since I'd added the cream and butter I wasn't sure how it would come out but kept going until it got to the right color, then added a capful of vanilla for more flavor,. The final product is tasty but the consistency of a slimy melted toffee - thicker then sauce and but not candy, and very buttery. Maybe some cooking temp adjustment and reduction in butter is needed. Made for PRMRT

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momaphet February 01, 2011
Caramel Butter Sauce