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This was the best caramel ever!! I loved making this recipe and I have never made caramel before. The directions were very easy to follow and the caramel apples were delicious. My kids had a great time decorating them with reeses pieces for halloween. Thanks for a great recipe.

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Cherienjeff October 29, 2010

FANTASTIC! Thank you, Food Fan, for posting this recipe! I think I misread the prep time. I doubled the recipe, and it took me and my future daughter in law 3 hours total from start to finish to produce 21 apples to the decorated stage. I only had light corn syrup, but that was my only deviation from the recipe.We rushed the decoration stage, and did not have time to chill them. For toppings, we tried coconut in addition to chocolate chips, etc. Wonderful! We took these to my son's college football game for him to hand out to his teammates on Halloween - they were a HUGE hit! Beware of trying to walk through a crowd with a tray of these, even if they are covered up with foil...small children (and some not so small) nabbed at least a half a dozen before we could get them to the foot ball players! Thank you for this fantastic recipe! It is a keeper!

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flnct November 01, 2009

Yes! THIS IS THE RECIPE my friends are raving about since I shared some apples with them. RICH enough to split! These are THE best! I never have luck with the caramels you have to unwrap. Now I just need to find a great chocolate to dip them in! HEAVEN.

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Two Women Otta da Kitchen October 03, 2009

I've made this recipe 3 times now and everyone just LOVES it! I've even substituted Golden Brown Sugar when I didn't have Dark on hand and it was just as rich and delicious! Don't let all the ingredients turn you off...it's so worth it when your final product is a rich and robust, melt-in-your-mouth caramel that you made from scratch! I've even poured my leftover caramel into a pirex, let it set up, then cut into squares and individually wrap for a candy treat!

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Mama with the funny kids December 18, 2008
Caramel Apples