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This snack mix is a tasty treat. I couldn't find the apple cheerios so just used plain then added couple teaspoons cinnamon to the caramel before mixing. I had to taste test it before we took it to a family gathering. It was really good maybe I could have used more cinnamon but I'm not complaining. Thanks for a great recipe!

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drinkmore November 24, 2011

Oh, this stuff is GREAT!! I couldn't find butter-flavored pretzel sticks, so I got the butter-flavored pretzel windowpanes instead. Used the store brand Chex and Cheerios (bargain shopping, lol). I happened to have a package of unsulfured dried apple rings in the pantry that were crying out for a good use, and I thought this recipe applied, so I chopped some up and stirred them into the cereals before adding the caramel (a nice enhancement to the apple flavor of the cheerios, I thought). I think next time I make this, I might toss in some cinnamon imperials too (just a thought). Thanks for posting! :)

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Muffin Goddess September 25, 2006
Caramel Apple Snack Mix