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Super good flavor! I have a jumbo muffin pan but couldn't find the jumbo paper liners, so we made them in regular size liners. Needed to double the nuts and carmels for that. Subbed toasted walnuts for the pecans and it was still fabulous!The apple made for extra moist cake and not overly sweet. Will make them again, for sure!Thank you for posting this great recipe.

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Panino September 15, 2002

Well these turned out to be quite a treat. Initially I was attracted by the popsicle stick idea but these proved big on that apple / spice flavor. I used a spice cake mix and I was able to find the texas-size muffin cups, the only thing I did different was to double the caramel / pecan mixture. My mistake was that I should have cut back on the milk, cause when I doubled it the mixture was quite runny making it rather difficult to eat these without a mess. Other than that I would highly recommend these as a change from the usual.

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HOUSEMANAGER (Charlene) November 19, 2002

Great cupcakes, but the serving size posted is not accurate. I wanted 24 cupcakes, so doubled the recipe...ended up with close to 40 cupcakes!

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phoehler October 30, 2009

I made these for a bake sale at school, using the spice cake mix. Some people said they didn't like the apple in the cupcakes. Others were pleasantly surprised. The Popsicle sticks were a great idea. They smelled heavenly, too. The frosting was a slight problem though. It was hard to put on the cup cakes, and then it made the cupcakes really soggy after a few hours of sitting on top. Thanks for posting, but the next time I make them I'm going to be changing a few things.

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zoegirl21 May 23, 2009

These cupcakes were pretty easy to make. I made them for 24 normal sized cupcakes. I used twice the amount of frosting ingredients. The only problem I had was with the frosting. It is hard to put on and then after all that work it melted and ran down all over the cupcakes. So if the weather is warm at all make sure to store in the fridge. Thanks.

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adena mangis September 13, 2007

These were beautiful and delicious! The popsicle stick really made them cute and looking just like a caramel apple. My only complaint was with the caramel topping. It did melt and get soaked up by the cupcake after a while. So it's best to serve these right away and store any leftovers in the fridge.

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Delicious as it Looks June 14, 2015

Great recipe but there are some updates and tweaks I made. First off, caramels aren't what they used to be in 2002. Today, I used a whole 13 ounces bag of the caramels but it looks like you could use the caramel pearls in the baking isle and save yourself some unwrapping- but the bag of pearls (or bits, I can't remember how they're marketed but they were with the chocolate chips in the superstore that rhymes with Call Cart) are only 11 ounces. Both package directions say add 2 tablespoons of water so I think the weights of the actual candies are the same.<br/><br/>I prepared my apples using a peeler corer slicer. and then diced the apples in no time but you could just as easily use a knife for everything. I used a spice cake, and filled the batter between 12 jumbo cups exactly. I baked mine for a total of 27 minutes and they were just done. I then let them cool on the rack. <br/><br/>Later, I prepared my caramels and milk and popped everything in the microwave for 20 second increments until everything was melted smooth. I let it cool for about 4 minutes and then I dipped the cooled cupcakes into the caramel. I pulled up and smoothed everything with a knife. Nothing ran and the caramel smoothed out nicely. Back on the cooling rack. Some cupcakes received toasted pecans and they really complement the caramel. About every three cupcakes, I had to reheat the caramel for 12 seconds and then repeat the process. I had about a tablespoon of caramel left over. I placed the sticks but in hindsight, if you have to transport these like we did, leave them out until you reach your destination. <br/><br/>Finally, these were a hit! Thank you luvmybge!

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Charlie Tuna! November 02, 2014

caramel apples cupcakes! I never herd something so yomy mmmmmmmmmm.

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fabinair September 03, 2010

Great flavour! I did have to use carrot cake as the spice cake mix proved to be quite elusive in my town. The cupcakes are nice & moist but the topping melted off & made eating very messy.

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Debbb December 26, 2006

I just made these for my preschooler's Christmas party. They are so tasty and the spice cake is delicious. I love the way they look after the popsicle sticks are added. I didn't use nuts though because of allergies. Make them!!!

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Tiphani December 20, 2005
Caramel Apple Cupcakes