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I followed this recipe as best I could. Step 7 is confusing. There is no call for the sour cream in the baking process. My instincts told me there were way too many apples and too much graham cracker crust for a 9" pan in this recipe, but I wanted to follow the directions. Consequently, the fresh apples in the recipe remained crunchy and the crust went almost all the way up the sides of the pan. After I cooled it overnight and tried to cut it, the bottom crust was mushy and the apples fell all over the place because there were too many. The caramel sauce was runny and would have taken probably another pound of confectioners sugar to thicken it up. I was very disappointed in this cheesecake and am surprised it is in a cookbook. Did anyone at the publishers test this recipe? I doubt it.

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lorid124 September 23, 2008

This was amazing! My family had never had anything like it. The Apples were so good, but the cheesecake itself was so yummy, a great combination! It actually wound up being my husbands birthday cake. He told all of his workers about it. They were all wanting some. We are going to make this one again for sure! Thanks Burgundy!!!!!!!!!

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Chef Desire September 15, 2008
Caramel Apple Cheesecake