Cappuccino Recipe Without an Expensive Machine

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 5 mins

Cappuccino is an espresso coffee that is mixed (or topped) with steamed milk or cream. As good as it is, it will cost you many a deniro at a place like Starbucks OR you can purchase an espresso cappuccino maker to display on your own kitchen counter for about $600. That's a lot for a machine that specializes in gourmet flavored coffee. For the rest of us, here's an easy Cappuccino recipe for all those weekend mornings at home when you want to treat yourself to something special AND all you need is a microwave and blender. To brew 2 cups of this coffee you need:


  1. 1) After your coffee has brewed, combine the sugar & milk and heat it in your microwave for 2 minutes at the highest setting.
  2. 2) Next, whip the heated milk/sugar mix in your blender for about one minute until it's a fluffy foam.
  3. 3) Fill your cup two thirds full with the coffee and top it off with your heated froth.


Most Helpful

Frothy coffee...smiling with an exaggerated show of lip foam.

gailanng March 14, 2011

Are you kidding me? The fact that this recipe is now with me will mean that I will no longer have to settle for horrible cappuchino again. I always thought that maybe I just didnt know good cappuchino when I left starbucks feeling disappointed. I was just trying to figure out how to save up the money to invest in a good machine as I really do drink espresso, coffee and cappuchino for the enjoyment of it; and I came across this. Fabulous. I did not add sugar to the milk; used Wegmans brand organic ground espresso and Wegmans organic 2per cent milk; brewed the coffee in my cheap machine; added a bit of sugar in the raw to the coffee; followed the directions for the froth and it was honestly just as good as what i get at wholefoods which is tremendous. I did not use a blender as I dont have one; I used a hand immersion blender thing and this will be my coffee from now on. Thank you soooo much for sharing this. I owe you one!

jennifer in new jersey February 16, 2008

Thanks for sharing your easy tips on how to make a cappuccino. I do love to make a cappuccino without an expensive machine too. But I don't use a microwave when it comes to frothing the milk. In order for me to create a lasting foam, I use a handheld milk frother which I found at amazon, This foam maker is very easy to use and a great device in making foams on lattes.

Coffee Lover July 25, 2015

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