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I'm going to start off by saying, I ruined this recipe hahahaha. So no star rating to influence others unfairly. I couldn't find veal cutlets so used scallopeni. (browned for 30 seconds then set aside) Then I thought we had the angel hair pasta, but it turned out that we didn't. So before I even got cooking this recipe was doomed. I valiantly tried to follow the recipe from there, but accidentally evaporated all of my wine sauce (which smelled delicious mind you). At that point in time I was pretty hungry, so just added 2 cans of diced tomatos and went from there. I got the tomatoes heated through then right as the pasta was done, added the veal back into the pan. So ok, I sort of failed this recipe, BUT the results were still really delicious and my partner loved it. I'm sorry this isn't a more accurate rendition of your recipe, but dinner was great!

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Satyne October 08, 2013
Capellini With Veal and Tomatoes