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Oh my, Zurie! This is a Superbowl of flavors! I swear, once I opened my little grinder after powdering these spices, I swear I could dab it behind my ears and wear it as perfume! OH, AHH! I used bonelss skinless chicken breasts, so seared them in the pan in just a little oil, then removed from the pan to a platter. Then I followed steps 2-5 with just the sauce to allow these wonderful flavors to cook. After adding the garlic, lemon juice and brown sugar to the sauce, I added back the chicken breasts and let them simmer for the 15 minutes. I used only 1 teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes in the original spice mix, and it was quite spicy for me. I couldn't get the cardamom pods in my small town, but I had cardamom seeds, and used a heaping teaspoon of these to the mix before grinding. Zurie, this was fantastic, and my house still smells wonderful! Bill and I are looking forward to leftovers tomorrow after the flavors have married even more!

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Chef PotPie August 18, 2008

This was great! Brough memories of my grand aunt (from Cape Town) cooking! Serving this to friends I got compared to some of the best Restaurants in the City. Thank you!

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Curly Swiss Girl March 02, 2009

What can I say? Just wonderful. The whole house was filled with the fragrance of the spices, the finished curry was yummy to say the least and indeed even better the next day. Froze two servings and yes, it freezes very well. Used bone-and skinless chicken thighs which I cut up in bite-size pieces. Used kosher salt and found that a scant teaspoon was just right. The garam masala I always use is of the "hot" kind and I was a little afraid that it would "kill" the rest of the spices. Not to worry, it went very well together. Was also worried that the curry would be too dry with just one can of chopped tomatoes as liquid. On the contrary, just enough sauce to mix with the rice. I should not worry so much.........it turned out perfect! This will certainly be made again. Thanks for posting.

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Chef Dudo August 26, 2008

Burning curries of India?? Alrdy lost me ther. Looking to another chef. And you ought to research curries a bit more.

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Sharol T. March 22, 2015

Fantasic Chicken! I dit halve the cardamon, but the cardamon from India I get here in Holland has a very strong taste.

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AngelaR4854ME December 31, 2013

I loved the recipe and so did my husband. The house smelled fabulous and the chicken was the best we have ever eaten. I made a turmeric rice and served with it and liked that as well. This is quite easy once you get your spices all ground up. A keeper for sure!

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katcocina May 12, 2012

This was just to die for! The moment I opened the spice grinder, the perfume filled my kitchen with the most wonderful aroma, and it only got better as I cooked. Even with the long list of spices this was very easy to make and quick enough for a weeknight dinner. I used bone in chicken hindquarters and the cooking time was perfect. The turmeric in the spice mixture gave the chicken skin a lovely golden color, and the meat was perfectly tender. The sauce just bursts with flavor- not heat, but wonderful, aromatic, complex flavor. This time I served with couscous, but it would also be wonderful over some roasted fingerling potatoes.

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IngridH May 03, 2012

DELICIOUS! Accidentally, I added the tomatoes to the spice mix before the meat, but I can't imagine that it could be better than it is now. Also I cheated a bit and used only skinless chickenbreasts because that's what I had, so there was no fat to discard. Other wise I followed the recipe to the letter, used jaggery for the sugar and pounded the spices thoroughly in the mortar. The cardamom pods were not too impressed by my workout, but the cardamom flavour of the dish is quite clear, so it was fine, I guess. It's spicy, but not too hot, and the heat does not kill the other flavours. Very balanced. I'll make this again! Thanks for sharing :)
Made for A New African Tag Game.

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Mia in Germany March 12, 2012

Actually if I could, I would give it at least a 6 star rating - why? Because the kitchen aroma was simply to die for, it reminded me of my childhood in India and Pakistan when as a child I used to watch the cook create wonderful dishes using the most interesting spices.

The taste was just out of this world, I made no changes what so ever, except I did not have any ground cinnamon so used a cinnamon quill instead. Zurie its a real keeper, thanks so much for posting this.

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JoyfulCook February 14, 2012

Have now tried this as promised to ME! WOW! WOW! WOW!! LOVE this recipe! Don't let the ingredient list make you not to want to do! YUMMY!!! SO glad it jumped out at me too! Used red onions as is personal taste for me! Used chicken thighs in bite size pieces as like to see! Kitchen smells GREAT, so genuinely thank you! For posting a very terrific recipe can make the whole year through! THANKS!

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mickeydownunder February 12, 2010
Cape Malay Chicken Curry by Zurie