Cantonese Style Prawns with Mango

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 15 mins

The recipe says it all. The mango season is coming up in India and we all look forward to the Alphonso variety which is arguably the tastiest mango in the world I am told. :)Adapted from the Femina once more. I have a whole collection of the pull outs of the recipe section of this magazine. This recipe can be made with baby corn for vegetarians. Only you will need to add a little vegetable stock to cook the baby corn after sauteeing in a little oil. And no need of marinating the corn add all the marinade ingredients too at the time of cooking.

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  1. Marinate the prawn with the soya sauce, salt to taste as the soya sauce has salt too, pepper powder, a little of the cornflour and 5 spice powder for around 20- 30 mins Heat oil in a wok and when medium hot fry the prawns (lightly as prawn should be juicy and tender) Remove and drain Then saute the ginger, garlic and spring onions.
  2. Stir in the prawn, onion and green pepper.
  3. Add sugar and the rest of the cornflour.
  4. Season to taste if need be.
  5. Stir well and add the mango pcs and toss.
  6. Remove from heat to serve.
Most Helpful

This dish was really delicious, made as per instructions except I had to use canned mango as we had no fresh. I also added a little chicken stock to the recipe as otherwise I felt it was to dry. You did say you can add vegetable stock if you used corn. The overall flavour was excellent though and my daughter has this earmarked to do again.

Latchy April 06, 2004

This was a very nice, tasty and easy to cook dish. I used precooked prawns instead of raw since those were on sale, and reduced the cooking time. I used frozen peppers and left out the chillies (small kids wouldn't eat it). I used fresh mangos as required. Since my mangos were very sweet, I found it slightly too sweet although I usally like dishes a bit sweet. Next time I might try substituting the mango for pineapple. The seasoning was very good, very balanced (I had recipes were the use of too much 5 spice ruined the whole dish, so be careful to follow instructions here). I added a bit of prawnstock that I had cooked earlier to obtain a bit more sauce as suggested by Latchy. Definately cook again.

Anke R October 08, 2004