Cantaloupe-Chicken Skewers

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Total Time
15 mins
6 mins
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  1. Cut cantaloupe into half-moon shapes as follows: Start with 1/2-inch slices of cantaloupe.
  2. Using round cookie cutter, cut circle.
  3. Dissect circle with same round cookie cutter to create half moon, set aside.
  4. Slice chicken thinly into 2-inch strips.
  5. Marinate 2 to 3 hours in mixture of 1/4 cup fresh lime juice and 1/4 olive oil.
  6. Slide all ingredients onto long skewers, placing bacon next to chicken.
  7. Pierce marinated chicken strips at both ends and middle to form S-shape.
  8. Arrange cantaloupe, tomatoes, peppers and onion chunks on skewers.
  9. Season with salt and pepper.
  10. Cook 5 minutes in broiler or 6 on grill.