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A LOT of work to do, you have to real read the Directions very will, as have to do it over to get right. It is one for the PRO. to do to get it right way. I did it for the fun to see if I can. I loved the ricotta filling, but I added a small amount of vanilla, 1 teaspoon. And By the way, trying to make this by yourself would be a nightmare. You need an assembly line... people will work for food! I call this the Italian version of the Tamale because the whole family has to help in this process. My Pastry baking skills to me are way below the standard. But thank You for the fun we had over the days. Itis a keeper. PRMR 2013....Grpa

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CHEF GRPA December 19, 2013

This was a life saver i had a dinner party italian night and couldnt find a dessert recipe everyone loved them!!!! Although i couldnt find cinnamon oil so i used a couple of shakes of ground cinnamon. ty so much!

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leisurly cook March 26, 2009

These turned out really tasty, though I admit to not going through all of the waiting time.. I mean geez I was 9 months preggers when I made these, I couldn't wait. I halved the recipe, used butter instead of crisco and doubled the amount of chocolate. I drained the ricotta for about 4 hours and didn't let the cannoli shells rest overnight. Also I totally must have botched the cannoli shells because they came out too hard. This may be because instead of cannoli metal rings, I tried to use my rolling pin, and later the end of my metal whisk (which worked better) for shaping the cannoli shells. Because my shells were so hard, I went ahead and stuffed them all with the ricotta mixture and by the next day the cannolis were pretty perfect. The ricotta a bit more firm and the cannoli shells a bit softer. I'll definitely try this again and try to do it right next time. Thanks for posting this extensive and awesome recipe. It was perfect for satisfying that cannoli craving I had in the last weeks of my pregnancy.

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MC Baker June 30, 2008
Cannoli Shells and Ricotta Cream Filling