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Under no circumstances would I eat tomatoes prepared this way. Doing so would risk a big case of food poisoning as the tomatoes have not been 'canned' at all. The U.S. Dept.of Agriculture recommends adding 2 tablespoons per qt. of tomatoes of bottled lemon juice or food-grade citric acid and canning tomatoes in a pressure canner or a boiling water bath which the posted recipe neglected to add. This is the only method which will kill bacteria which causes botulism.

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LittleMsMartha October 06, 2001

Well.....I have to come to the defense of this recipe. I do my tomatoes almost the same way, except, I don't put in the canning salt and I definately do not use lemon juice or anything else for that matter. My sister, mother-in-law, her mother, and my grandmother has never used either of those things and our tomatoes are just fine. We do however, use a water bath for processing. Keep up the good cookin' Lali! :)

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April1 February 19, 2002

I am sorry to say that this recipe is out of date.Years ago it may have been safe to do this but not now.The reason is that the tomatoes grown now are too low in acid; this is the reason it is recommended to put in the extra acid in the form of lemon juice.Those who use it are very fortunate they have not lost a loved one by being too stubborn to do a little research and put that lemon juice in their tomatoes ! It does not detract from the flavor at all.

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Natural Blonde September 20, 2002

OK, I'm going to stick my neck out here, but I've canned my tomatoes cold-pack for years with no problem. I know a lot of people say that you have to add acid (lemon juice, etc. ) but this is a quote from my BALL BLUE BOOK; A WORD ABOUT TOMATOES Recent research by a leading university confirms that tomatoes, even those desgnated as "low acid" are safe to can by the boiling water bath method as long as standard canning procedures are followed. The study showed that tomatoes for canning should be firm, ripe, and fully colored.

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papergoddess September 27, 2002

I do tomatoes about the same way, except, I cut mine up after peeling & Pack them into Jars then I do a hot water bath process, 40 minutes for pints & 45 minutes for Quarts. This is also the recomened way in the Ball canning book. I have been doing this for YEARS.

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Barb Gertz August 17, 2002

Sick to death of all the cry-babies sterilizing everything, from their kids to their environment... Good, strong farm kids grew up tough, exposed to everything from manure to blood to parasites on a daily basis, or worse, and eating what Mom and Grandma put up every summer, butchering their own beef, pork, chicken, turkeys!! Now we have sick, anemic kids, allergies up the whazoo, and weak genetics. Hello????

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Pamela Joyce Ochsner September 02, 2009

I basically can my tomatoes the same way, but I add canning salt and sugar of equal amounts. If it's a pint jar then I add 1 tsp. of each. I would be afraid of these if I didn't hot water bath them, but I'm not going to add lemon juice to my canned tomatoes. You want your family and friends to enjoy your canning and not have to worry about their health.

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S. Morgan July 10, 2002

Well I will upset a few people, but my Grandma, canned tomatoes in what was called the open pan method. I'll admit she lost a few jars, but not many. The tomatoes were hot all the way thru & the juice was boiling she would put salt in them. Her lids were in boiling water before she put them on the jars. I washed the jars in soapy water & rinsed them. Before she started putting the tomatoes in the jars, she would pour boiling water in the jars to heat the jars and sterlize them. She done all of this on a woodcook stove outside under a tree for shade. She always smelled of a jar when she opened it. In all the years of her canning no one ever got sick from it. As long as I can remember she canned her green beans, corn & soup in a pressure cooker. Before she had one , she would put her vegetables in jars and put them in a #2 washtub fill it with hot water and then cook them over a open fire, with the water always over them for about 3 hrs or so. She had cast iron wash pots that they got their hot water from, because she didn't have a stove at that time.

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Mawma October 05, 2010

This is how my mom and grandma canned these too. We do use a pressure canner though. My daughter uses hot water bath. Either method works fine

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Yvonne43 August 25, 2009
Canning Tomatoes