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Wow, delicious and easy! I was tempted to just eat them all instead of canning them! I was lazy and used my mandolin slicer to slice the tomatoes. Next time I will slice by hand, as they might be just a tad thin. The ginger adds a nice heat. Very clear recipe for anyone that is just starting out with canning. Great recipe - - as always. Love it and love you too. krsi sue 11-15-07 update I've been eating these on my hamburgers instead of dill pickles and I really prefer them to cucumber pickles. This will be a yearly canning recipe! Thanks again

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Krsi Sue November 15, 2007

Significant in this recipe is the balance of flavors, utilizing appropriate spices that enhance the final result. As always, one might adjust certain ingredients for individual tastes, but all the Basics are right here. For sweetness, you've option of brown, white sugar or artificial; I used honey. I used fresh celery instead of seeds, but I suspect the seeds would have produced superior product. Notice she gives tips on temp. changes, coddling the Precious all the way to the end. Thanks, Montana, for another Winner!- espec'ly the addition of allspice.

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Foggy Kitchen July 12, 2007
Canned Green Tomatoes With Spices