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When I first blended the ingredients, I forgot to add the mustard. It was OKAY, but nothing to "write home about." When I added the mustard, I'm sorry to say, it was (in my humble opinion) pretty much disgusting. I never even got to the part about adding the lettuce, butter, and putting in on bread. Final Vote: YUK

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niedless2say January 26, 2010

I thought this recipe was very good--used regular mayo and regular mustard and added some halved green grapes. Served it on top of tomato slices with bread on the side. Also tasted good in a wrap. I do love the idea of having canned chicken (with no MSG or autolyzed yeast extract) for emergencies--great in tortilla soup! Thanks Derf for the other ideas also (fritatta, etc). A great staple to have on hand in case of hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, etc--it keeps a long time!

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artistclogger September 11, 2007

I hope you don't mind Derf - but I did not have any canned chicken, it's not something we can get in France that easily! However, I wanted to make this recipe with cold cooked chicken, which we often have - and it was lovely. We all really liked the addition of the cranberries, which is why I picked this recipe in the first place!! We ate this chicken mixture made into delicious sandwiches, alongside your easy corn and chicken chowder - a great combo!! Many thanks and PLEASE get well soon! FT:-)

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French Tart August 23, 2007
Canned Chicken Breast (For a Variety of Uses)