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I just did this yesterday with 20lbs of chicken breasts. I got 7 quarts. I cut all the fat of the breasts and cut up the chicken into cubes. I then place the chicken into jars, no need to add liquid, I then sprinkle 1-2 tsp. of chicken boullion over chicken and process. When done you have plenty of chicken broth and perfectly canned chicken. This is great for storage or fast dinners.

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children from A to Z September 19, 2009

This is fabulous and easy. Makes delicious chicken. Had this with your homemade chicken noodle soup - really great comfort food. Quick, easy, economical, tasty - what more could you ask for. Thanks SO much Wilmom. Chicken is on sale today - going to have a chicken canning frenzy tomorrow.

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charlie #5 September 04, 2008
Canned Chicken