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This is a great recipe. However, as a certified Master Food Preserver through OSU Extension, I can tell you that if you are going to can this (as opposed to refrigerating or freezing it) you MUST process this in a water bath for 25 min. (0 - 1,000 ft. elevation), 30 min. (1,001 - 3,000 ft.), 35 min. (3,001 - 6,000 ft), or 40 min. (Above 6,000 ft) or the product may not be safe. If you are going to refrigerate, by all means feel free to play with the recipe, but if you are going to can this you must follow the recipe as written. DO NOT CUT BACK ON THE BOTTLED LEMON JUICE! If it's too tart, you can add more sugar to your taste. The acid level is essential to make the pie filling safe. Also keep in mind that Clear Jel is safer than cornstarch for canning and yields a better product.

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Velouria September 09, 2009

This recipe is great and makes wonderful pie filling. However, I believe the term, "clear gelatin" is misleading. It is NOT GELATIN as in Jello or Knox Gelatin. I think the original recipe was using the term "clear gelatin" as a generic term for the brand name product, "Clear-Jel". Clear-Jel is a modified corn starch which allows heat transfer from the outside of the jar, through to the center of the canned product, in this case the apple pie filling. Regular corn starch can block some of that heat transfer which could lead to inadequately heated pie filling and thereby leave the it susceptible to bacterial botulism activity. The other caution I would offer is DO NOT CHANGE THE AMOUNT OF LEMON JUICE. Adequate acidity prevents the growth of botulism bacteria in the modified corn starch which is the non-acid portion of the pie filling. And last but not least, is to be sure, when canning your apple pie filling, check for the length of time to can it based on both the container size, pint or quart and also your altitude. Review Velouria's comment above. There is a difference between water bath canning quarts at sea level (25 minutes) and 2500 feet above sea level (30 minutes). This difference could mean a safe product or not. Be safe, check your canning guides and have a wonderful time baking those yummy apple pies. We don't want anyone rushed to the hospital from botulism poisoning.

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twosonn October 11, 2014

Excellent. My modifications...5 1/2 cups Splenda, 1 cup cornstarch instead of the gelatin, no lemon juice, no food coloring. Turned out delicious.

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Haggis Ghillie October 16, 2008

I made this and also used cider instead of apple juice and cornstarch in stead of gelatin and it was wonderful. I am making 3 more batches ..

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Grandma Polly October 02, 2007

I want to revise this review. I still think it is a knock out recipe!! I just made another batch of it and I just love it so much. One thing I want to say is when you peel your apples peel 7 quarts. Due to shrinking of apples, if you just do 6 quarts you will be shy on your last quart. I did not use water, just all apple cider, I think it gave it such a wonderful apple flavor. Also I too used the cornstarch and it worked perfect! oh,I agree with Mary, I too cut back my lemon juice. If you have apples, what a nice gift for sure as Charlita says. SO far I have 12 quarts, I think I will do another batch too!! Excellent recipe for sure!

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michEgan October 27, 2005

I have tried this recipe 2x and it is Fabulous! I have baked two pies already and am trying to save the rest of the qts. for Xmas gifts but it's tough! I used 4 pkgs. clear gelatin and the remainder corn starch to equal 1.5 cups & it turns out great. The apples stay firm & freshly grated nutmeg makes it wonderful. I love this recipe, thanks!!

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Charlita October 05, 2003

This was Great!!!!!! The sauce is so flavorful and brings out the apple flavor. The only difference I made was I used 1 Cup of cornstarch instead of the gelatin. Next time I will use a little less lemon juice for a little sweeter flavor though. Thank you for the great recipe.

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Mary Demink September 14, 2003
Canned Apple Pie Filling