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Healthy meals for your precious dogs. Made with fresh vegetables and meat. You can use ground turkey, ground beef, or ground chicken. The leaner the meat the better for your dog. My Dog loves this meal. I quit buying supermarket food when he refused to eat it. I have a med size dog,(chinese crested powder puff) yes, that is his breed. Sounds like something you might eat. So this is how I make his favorite food. I make 3 weeks of meals at a time and freeze them, but this recipe is for one week so you can try it and see if your dog loves it as much as mine. The containers I pack them in are the same size as the dog food beneful. (10oz.)

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  1. In a skillet brown the meat. When almost done, add the scrambled egg and rosemary and cook with the meat. Drain if needed.
  2. Put in food proccessor and process a few pulses.
  3. Put meat in large bowl and set aside.
  4. Steam your veggies in steamer bags, it's alot easier.
  5. After steaming all the vegs I pulse each in the proccessor just enough to make the pieces smaller.
  6. The peas I add without putting through the proccessor. And also the brown rice i add without proccessing.
  7. I add each to the meat as I get through pulsing them.
  8. Mix well and pack in small glad or hefty containers. It freezes well.
  9. Defrost and heat for meal. Meal should be warm like for a small child.

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