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Oh!My! This brings back memories,being raised in the south I ate these a lot,i love cornbread(but am limited to it because of diabetes),this is a great recipe,i have made them often,although I dont always use corn in them.Thanks for posting.

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STARTERWIFE September 25, 2006

These were really good. I loved the green chilies in it, and in fact I might even increase them to maybe 3oz (instead of 2oz). It didn't specify what type of oil to use for the batter, so I used canola oil for the batter and olive oil for the frying. And oil was an overwhelming flavor in the cornbread cakes. So next time I'll try a different oil, maybe something more neutral. I really like simple but tasty recipes like this though, so I will make these again. Thanks for sharing your recipe, Red Apple Guy. Yum!

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NorthwestGal October 14, 2014

I also have to put a comment without stars. Not because I subbed in a lot of changes though. Rather it is because I was unable to get this right! I don't know what it was, I just couldn't get these to cook! I tried a hot pan and the outsides cooked but the middle was still raw. I tried a lower heat and it took forever to do anything. By the time the center was cooked a bit, the outsides were burnt. So after wasting half of the batch (sheer pig-headed-ness, I didn't want to give up!) I finally sprayed a loaf pan with non-stick spray and poured in the rest of the batter. I baked it at 350° until it was done about 15 minutes. The cornbread was wonderful! I only wish I could have managed to actually fry these little babies! I will try again. I am determined to figure this out! The problems I had were NOT by fault of the recipe or the poster... nope, the problems are all me! :)

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Saturn May 25, 2007

I basically used this as a concept and did not follow your recipe at all so I'm not assigning stars. But I wanted to thank the concept for saving me! I made Homemade Baked Yellow Eyed Beans for dinner. As it cooked all day in the oven I decided to try to make cornbread in the crockpot. I must have used the wrong vessel or something, because the cornbread was not ready at dinner time so I went looking for a replacement. I didn't have cornmeal mix so I used 1 cup cornmeal and 1 cup whole wheat pastry flour, plus 2 tsp. baking powder. My husband won't eat cornbread with corn in it, and the kids won't eat chilis, so I left those out as well. Started cooking them on my griddle and decided to add a little splenda to the mix since we like sweet cornbread. This was great to go with the beans, though. Thanks so much for a great idea! My original review of 11/11/06 is above. Edited to add that I have made these again using the same subs as above, but this time I subbed applesauce for the oil and used 2 egg whites, and skim milk. Since I cook them on the griddle it is a virtually fat free cornbread that is light and fluffy! Tonight it went well with the lentil loaf I made. Yum.

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ladypit January 30, 2007
Caney Fork Cornbread Cakes