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What superb flavor in these wonderful treats! I used heart-shaped silicon molds which seemed to work wonderfully. In the photos they appear burnt; but, after re-reading the intro I realized this is normal. They were not black, but very dark brown carmelized coating. Once you bite into this dish, the flavors erupt across the palate from the moist inside with the "candied" texture exterior. Preparation wasn't as difficult as I initially thought as everything came together quite well staying true to the recipe. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe!!

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2Bleu March 02, 2008

These are delicious. I baked them in silicone molds and they were perfect after 1 hour. The outside was perfectly caramelized and the inside was creamy and smooth. I used the least amount of rum so my children could enjoy the as well (they loved them). My only problem was they barely rose, I think it was because my eggs were kind of small. I would have used more, but I ran out. I will adjust the amount of eggs if necessary next time. These are so rich and easy, that I will make them again. Thank you for sharing FT!

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Mami J August 18, 2010

I'm french and love making Canelés de Bordeaux.. This recipe is just perfect. BUT for those of you in a hurry, you can just cool the mix for an hour of so in the fridge.. The result will be to have slightly less grown Canelés when then cook but the taste is still so great. So just don't worry too much.. and try it! Bon appétit.

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Brak April 12, 2008

Wow! I found the most wonderful non-stick flower-shaped metal moulds to make these in They were served to company with coffee yesterday afternoon. Everyone loved them. The cakes have a wonderful soft sweet interior surrounded by a shell flavoured with sweet burnt sugar. Yum.

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Dreamer in Ontario March 10, 2008

These were really interesting. First of all, I chilled my batter for 6 and half hours. I was really nervousness when baking these because I could smell the rum burning and there was a slight bit of smoke coming from the oven. I managed to stay calm and left them in the oven until done. The inside of these are almost custard like and wouldn't call the outside crunchy, for me the outside was almost like leather... maybe because of the large amount of butter I used when greasing my pan? I didn't have the appropriate pan but thought these would look great in my skull cupcake pan and that turned out well enough that I would make it again for a Halloween party.

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Queen Dana October 13, 2009

October 9, 2008 --- I decided to cast my fate to the wind and, as Brak suggested, refrigerate for less time. So I chilled it for only five-hours. They weren't as high as they should have been, but the taste and texture was delicious. I loved the creaminess of the inside contrasted by the crispier outer crust. Also, I didn't have individual molds so I used a one-piece pan with individual molds in it. And it worked fine, but they are not as pretty as FT's. I will make these again only chill the batter for 24-hours. Oh...and this was so easy to make. Great recipe. --- May 9, 2009 --- I made them again this time using the canele molds and refrigerating the batter for 24-hours. That made a nice difference. The insides were airy yet creamy and the crust was crispy. I am trying to locate a convenient source for beeswax, but it's not that easy. I've read elsewhere that the wax does add another level of taste. Thanks again Karen!

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Kathy228 May 11, 2009

To be honest, I didnt realy like these all that much, but husband and Son in law ate a full tray of them! They loved them. So they gave the taste five stars, and I give the recipe 5 stars. Simple and easy to follow. I tried them a few different ways, but I think the best ones were done in a ramekin, lined with buttered and sugared baking paper. I left the rum out of half the mix, and used a mini muffin tin. I dropped a few chock chips in each and cooked them for about 45 mins. These were for the grandkids, and though they stuck badly, the girls loved them. Thank FT, it was certainly an interesting exercise!

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mummamills April 14, 2009

Made for your *Prop It Up* photo challenge & the *Best of 2008* cookbook tag game - I lacked the spec copper molds, used silicon mini-bundt + muffin baking forms (as we agreed) w/an 18-hr chill time & ladled the fluid dough into them w/my gravy ladle. My cakes were not as dark as most described, but had the crunchy shell & divine sponge-like creamy filling. Well-received & such a treat, FT! Thx for posting & another fun dy in my kitchen. :-)

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twissis February 08, 2009

Thank you for posting this recipe. I can't say that I loved the results and am confident that I followed the recipe accurately. I decided to go online and search for other variations of the same recipe and found one posted by Paula Wolffert. Though I haven't tried Paula's version, the mixing and quantaties of ingredients are somewhat different. I'll try Paula's version in the future and do an update : Here's Paula Wolfert's website should anyone decides to try a different version: http://www.paula-wolfert.com/recipes/canele.html

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Moon Light On Water September 14, 2008
Canelés De Bordeaux - French Rum and Vanilla Cakes