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I highly recommend this dessert - it's a visual delight with the dark brown and pink coloring, and the chocolate-peppermint combination is wonderful! I used a whole envelope of Knox brand gelatin and it set up great. I did make a chocolate crust (like a graham cracker crust) instead of using whole wafers, and used non-dairy milk and whipped topping for the dairy called for. Also, it took 12 candy canes to get 3/4 c. crushed, and it had great peppermint flavor and a real "coldness" in the mouth. A little red food coloring deepened the pie filling to really look festive. It was the most popular dessert offered at our Christmas dinner, and I garnished each slice of pie with a little more crushed up candy cane. Very festive and very refreshing!

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Linorama January 01, 2006
Candy Cane Pie