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I've made both lemon and orange peel, and both are delicious. However I've found that it's less tedious to leave the pieces of peel in larger pieces. I cut my rinds in half, then in quarters and cook and store them that size. Then when I'm ready to use them in a recipe, I cut/chop the peels into whatever size the recipe calls for, sometimes thin strips and sometimes tiny dice.

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kokeshi doll April 21, 2009

Oh, Donna! This recipe rocks! It seems like a lot of work, but it's really EASY. Just make this recipe while you have other stuff going in the kitchen and it feels like it took no time at all. I was using up a crate of oranges sent from a friend of a friend in Florida, and I thought this would be a great way to make use of all the leftover peels. I had a total of 9 oranges so I doubled this recipe. I intended to do the grapefruits at the same time, but just before starting I read the "one type per batch" suggestion and put those aside for next time. I followed the directions exactly. During the syrup simmering stage I set my kitchen timer and stirred every 5 minutes. I was afraid of getting a hard candy consistency, so I stopped cooking at 48 minutes, which looked to be about the medium-firm stage, but when I drained the peel there was more syrup in the pan than it had looked like, so I'm guessing I could have cooked a full 50-55 minutes instead. That's just a texture thing though and the fact is, these little babies are delicious! After sugaring (I used super-fine sugar) and cooling, I put the candied orange peels into a Ziplock bag. This morning they feel a little softer than they did when I put them in, so I'm going to put them back on the racks to dry out a little more. I think they were left out for about 3 hours yesterday. Even if they don't get any crispier, they aren't going to last long around here. I know I'm eating a bunch of sugar, but at least I can call it a fruit too! ;) Thanks for posting a wonderful recipe, Donna! I'll be making it again & again. Made and enjoyed for the 2012 All Aboard the L-O-V-E train! tag game.

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**Tinkerbell** January 30, 2012

This was my first attempt making candied orange peel. It took me longer than 1 hour but I was also focused on cooking for Thanksgiving. I was wondering about the pith if it would be removed during the cooking phrase and sure enough the pith was gone. I had the same problem as another reviewer had. I made the peels to stage 3 the crispy stage. It was way too hot and I could not straighten out the peels. So what I ended up doing was rolling them in clumps in fine sugar (which I thought looked the best, I had both granulated and fine sugar I liked the fine sugar best, It also looks nicer IMO) After rolling in the sugar I pulled apart the clumps and made smaller pieces and rerolled them in the sugar. I think they look pretty this way. They taste wonderful! Hard to believe you're eating orange peel. What a great way to use up orange peel with out throwing away.Next I will try stage 2 the softer version. I have a thouht. How about using lime peels for decorating margarita glasses! :) Thanks for the great recipe. I will try making these again when things are less hectic in the kitchen.

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SoCalCookerGal November 29, 2011

These taste amazing as soon as they have cooled to room temp and are well worth the effort! I put parchment paper on the baking sheets so I could shake the trays to move the sugar while the strips were still warm. I also pulled out a little of the syrup and can't wait to put it on a piece of salmon tonight. I'm sure it would also be good on chicken or pork. I can't wait to add some of the candies to a salad or couscous. Amazing!

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LWSilverman January 11, 2010

Wow! I just made these and am sure I will do it again. I used lemon peel and cooked them to the crispy stage (oops, almost burned them). Next time I will stop sooner, to have a more chewy peel, but these are awesome. To drain the peels, I poured them into a spider resting over a glass bowl. I used a 9 x 6 glass baking dish to coat them with sugar, first making a nice layer of sugar, then used two forks to start pulling them apart. After they cooled down some, I got my hands in there and continued to work the peels to separate and coat them with sugar. I dried them on a sheet of waxed paper. Thanks, Donna. Now....what to do with this delicious syrup??

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TxBecky January 07, 2010

Excellent recipe. The directions were very exact for each step and I loved having the options at the end. Comments from other cooks re: the time it took for the syrup to reduce ( I used honey as well) allowed me to have a nice walk with the dog without worries - much rather do that than clean the kitchen. I made preserved lemons this AM and knew I would need extra juice for packing them so I peeled the lemons in advance so that I could make this as well. I am now getting ready to use the leftover juice ( I ended up not needing 5 lemons worth for the preserves) to make a lemon sauce for the gingerbread I am making after that. The preserved lemons are for the pilaf I am making this weekend with the leftover lamb that I am making tonight. Waste not, want not.

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CampChatsworthCook September 17, 2009

Needing candied orange, lemon & grapefruit for a mincemeat I planned to make, & considering the time of year, I found this recipe most helpful! Makes up a good amount of the candied peel, which I can also use in many other ways, or just as a sweet addition to a spread of finger foods! Thanks much for the recipe!

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Sydney Mike April 23, 2008

Delicious recipe and a wonderful way to use the peel that we normally throw away! I must say that it does look easy, and it is, except that at the end, it was quite difficult for me and tedious to take the many hot orange pieces and place them on the sugar lined cookie sheet. Maybe there is a better way to do it? I seem to be the only one thus far that has expressed any difficulty. Maybe I am doing something wrong? I tried taking them out with tongs, but they got stuck to them, so I tried a fork, but that wasn't much better. So I ended up using the fork along with my fingers (which almost got burned). The peels also got stuck together due to the high content of the sugar. But the end result was very yummy! I had to cook them over 2 hours in order to get to the crisp stage. For a while there, I didn't know if I would achieve it, but eventually they came out very well. Maybe next time I will settle for the medium- firm. They are too yummy to not try again! I think that the next time I will do either limes or lemons (as I have them growing in my yard). Oh, and the first round of cooking the peels, I saved the water for cooking carrots...very nice hint of orange flavor! Thanks, DonnaR for posting this deicious confection. And yes, I felt quite virtuous knowing that I transformed what would normally go into my composter into a wonderful snack!

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Maggie in Florida January 07, 2008

Yum! I used to always buy the candied grapefruit from a penny candy store in New England. This was just as delicious. I used oranges (I had some that were starting to turn), and honey instead of corn syrup. I also used about half the honey called for, and slightly less sugar. I also added in a small shake of ground ginger. I let it simmer for about an hour and a half after blanching 3 times, and stirred occasionally while I cleaned my kitchen. The peels came out nice and crisp on the outside, chewy in the middle! I can't keep my hands off these...we'll see what Hubby thinks when he gets home! Thanks!

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Wildflower5656 December 03, 2007

I'd never used orange peel before, what a wonderful treat. I made the recipe for RitaL's Burgundian Spice Bread. It worked great. I now have enough candied orange for anything I want to make, which is great, because I couldn't find any, where I live. Now I can't wait to try it in my favourite orange cake, jello and fruit salad. Thanks so much for sharing, this quick and easy to make recipe. I will be using this on lemon and lime slices next.

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Baby Kato September 07, 2006
Candied Lemon, Orange or Grapefruit Peel