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Fantastic recipe! Thank you!!! So simple. I am living in Uruguay and can't find candied ginger. I hadn't thought of making it until I ran across this recipe, so thank you. I doubled the batch and it took about twice the cooking time. After removing the ginger I added orange peel to the sugar sauce and made candied orange peel. It tasted amazing! I dipped the candied ginger and orange peel in chocolate and made scones! I used the sugar sauce to make caramel (added butter and cream)...it was some of the best caramel I've ever had. I also made a drink: orange juice, sparkling water and sugar sauce...yummy. Oh, I used a spoon to peel my ginger...put the front of the spoon towards you and scrape the skin off (you're using the edge of the top of the spoon to scrap). I couldn't believe how easy this made to peel the ginger.

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Girl in Uruguay July 31, 2007

Awesome! This is one of those things I always bought and wondered, "how do they make that?" Now I've made my own candied ginger, and it's WAY better! About to use it in my fruitcake. Never had the syrup before, but how awesome... just mixed some with a little orange juice, vanilla vodka, chocolate liqueur, ground cloves, and cinnamon, and had an awesome gingerbread martini! The first of many...

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Bulldog Belly December 08, 2009

I have always had problems finding candied ginger in the supermarkets here and was pleased to see I could make my own so easily. I did tinker with the recipe a bit, reducing the sugar and water and slicing the ginger very thinly. I also didn't bother drying it but just kept it in a jar in the fridge with the remaining syrup which had a honey-like texture and a wonderful aroma. Thanks for posting something so simple and useful.

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Perfectionist cook July 17, 2010

I've been making this for a while. I love it, and I use the syrup in club soda as a very healthy alternative to soda pop for my children( and myself as well)I just strain the syrup through cheese cloth so there are no little floaty things in the drinks as my children would refuse to drink it. I have not once bought candied ginger since I found your recipe.Thank you :)

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MAMASARAH August 13, 2009

As good as store-bought and much less expensive. Make sure the end product is completely dry. Days later when I opened my container these were damp with signs of weeping, after which I spread them on waxed paper for several days to dry completely. Eat about 3 or 4 pieces at one time--I dare ya!

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gailanng December 20, 2008

Thank you CoolMonday!!!! This is terrific and such a moneysaver. I stumbled on a 3# bag of ginger in the markdown basket & immediately thought of this recipe I had saved. I am so happy with the results! I now have lovely candied ginger to use and several cups of syrup all for less than I was paying for a small bag of crystallized ginger. What a great recipe. =)

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Susie D July 07, 2005

Great recipe! I could not believe how easy it was to make candied ginger. I used for baking and the syrup is wonderful in mixed drinks. Thanks for posting.

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Purple_Sea_Bait August 24, 2010

Thank You! I used to make the same syrup with "wild ginger" but can't find it where I live now. Was hoping I could do the same thing with real ginger root. We're studying Thailand in our homeschool right now and I plan to make this to dip our banana rice dessert in, and am looking over to using the leftover syrup in various ways. It keeps well in the fridge BTW, another way I used to use this was adding a couple healthy Tbsp. into a cup of hot water for a yummy hot drink.

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DansWife March 19, 2009

I tried this today and had lots of syrup left. Next time I think I will cut the sugar and water in half or add more ginger. The syrup is yummy but I am the only ginger fan in the family. I like how easy this is to make.

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LaurietheLibrarian August 03, 2008

Ginger has qualities to sooth the stomach and keep the digestive tract healthy. A small piece each day over time can help someone with their digestion. Of course, if you have problems, talk to your Physician or Nurse Practioner to rule out any serious issues first. Educate yourself on herbs and roots, and enjoy this treat!

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KissaMew August 27, 2006
Candied Ginger and Syrup