Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 5 mins

These taste like "homemade" but with a fraction of the effort. I like to keep a jar of them in the refrigerator to add to tuna salad and sandwiches.

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  1. Drain pickles discarding liquid.
  2. Cut the pickles into 1/4-inch slices (I actually like them cut a little thicker than this... between 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch).
  3. Place cut pickles back into the jar.
  4. Tie the pickling spices into a piece of muslin and place into the jar.
  5. Heat vinegar and sugar just until sugar dissolves.
  6. Pour over pickles.
  7. Refrigerate pickles for four days, shaking the jar each day.
  8. At the end of one week, remove the bag of spices.
  9. Pickles are ready to use after four days and keep indefinitely in the refrigerator.


Most Helpful

I am a new diabetic and was looking for a good sweet pickle recipe. I made many using different sweeteners per each recipe but never found the taste I was looking for. I had used this recipe in the past with good results using real sugar so I decided to try it with my Xylo Sweet ( Xylitol) a plant soured sweetener I like with less aftertaste. I get it at our local Health Food Store. Well it was a home run. I made a double batch of the brine to accommodate the 2 quart jar of pickles I bought. Go big or go home is what I say. I did have a bit of a difficult time getting all the sweetener to dissolve. I used a 4 cup glass measuring cup to heat the vinegar in the microwave. After it was hot I added the sweetener then stirred it up . I reheated it again. doing this several times. The brine never did go clear but most of the sweetener had dissolved. It kept dissolving after I filled the jar and every time I shook it up. The end results were fabulous. Even after just a few hours the taste was wonderful. My DH couldn't keep out of them. I really don't think anyone could tell they were sugar free. Absolutely no funny after taste, they only got better after sitting over night in the frig.

Yoster June 06, 2014

This past summer we grew too many Jalapeno Peppers...was making a batch of these pickles and thought HAH! The PEPPERS...used some of the pickle juice along with the other ingredients in this recipe and made Candied Jalapeno Peppers...THEY WERE GREAT! So addictive that I ate one whole jar as soon as they were ready...Sent a jar to a friend who just loves Jalapeno Peppers and she fell in love with them...When my son came for a visit he ended up taking several jars home with him..The Jalapeno Peppers were a big hit..I blanched and seeded the peppers. Then sliced them across into 1/4 inch bite size pieces..we found a little cream cheese on a corn chip and a slice of these peppers equaled a GREAT SNACK...also used them in Potato Salad..

BlackGrandma November 30, 2011

These Candied Dill Pickles are amazing. Here in Buffalo NY we used to be able to get candied dills from a local company called Weber's (they make the horseradish yellow mustard that is now available in much of the US). Everyone I introduced to them, locally and when visiting around the country, became 'addicted' and several people I know even began ordering them directly from the company by the case. Then Weber's discontinued them. That was nearly fifteen years ago. I've searched for a replacement (OR a recipe) ever since. I did find one other brand, but it wasn't nearly as good, AND it costs nearly $7 for a half-quart jar. THESE candied dills are JUST LIKE the original WEBER'S! THANK YOU! Thank you! Thank you for sharing this recipe!

KellyAnne1 April 07, 2008

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