Candied Apples Topped With Coconut

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 30 mins

These are for Cindy! If you like sweet crisp apples bite into this. If you don't like the coconut just place the dipped apples on to a very well grease the cookie sheet pan. Or you can dip into those colored candies if you have a real sweet tooth.

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  1. Remove stems from apples, wash, and towel dry.
  2. Insert a wooden skewer or popsical sticks in each apple, running through the apple from stem end to base without protruding all the way through the bottom end.
  3. Combine sugar, corn syrup, cinnamon candies, and water in medium to large saucepan.
  4. Cook until candies dissolve, stirring constantly.
  5. Be careful not to boil.
  6. Add cinnamon, vanilla, and food coloring.
  7. Mix thoroughly.
  8. Boil mixture to 300°F using a candy thermometer without stirring for the hard crack stage, or if you like a nice so HARD to cook the candy to 245 or 250, to the firm ball stage.
  9. As soon as mixture reaches 300° F.It will be very thick.
  10. Remove it from heat and quickly dip each apple-one by one-into the mixture until it is thoroughly coated.
  11. Dip the base end of apple into coconut to coat the bottom and place coconut side down skewer pointing up, on baking sheet until mixture hardens.


Most Helpful

Great flavour but I did have some troubles - couldn't get the cinnamon candies to dissolve & the candy coating just drained off the first couple of apples & pooled on the baking sheet. I tried to wait for the candy to cool a bit before dipping the rest of the apples but I was afraid it would cool off too much. As another reviewer said, the candy coating is very, very hard.

Debbb February 11, 2012

These were very yummy! The cinnamon flavor is fantastic with the apples. I do agree that the candy shell comes out too hard. Cooking it all the way to 300 takes it up to the hard crack stage, and makes the apples hard to eat. Next time I make them, I'm only going to cook the candy to 245 or 250, to the firm ball stage. Hopefully that will make these easier to eat.

jeniwan November 11, 2005

Tasty, beautiful apples! I made half a recipe and had enough candy to coat 5 apples. My only problem with these is they're a little hard to eat because,at least in my experience, the candy hardened so much I couldn't bite through it. So mine were like really big lollipops!! I couldn't eat a whole apple either-too sweet. But I really liked how this smelled while cooking, and the flavor of the candy is perfect and tastes great with apples.

Kaarin April 29, 2005

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