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Thx to PAC Fall 2007, I have today made 2 of the most incredible recipes & this is 1 of them. I wish I had thot of this recipe because cinnamon candies are 1 of my favourite ingredients, I bring them back from the U.S. & I have several recipes using them. These candied apple rings are divine & so easy-to-fix. I got creative & used the metal screw cap from my Amarula bottle to uniformly core the apple slices & it worked like a charm. I made half of them in rings & halved the other slices. These are definitely dessert-worthy, but also would be excellent as a side item to roast pork or roast duck entrees. We tried them 1) Topped w/whipped cream & drizzled w/some of the syrup over it, 2) Served along side frozen vanilla yoghurt that I mixed w/some of the syrup & finally 3) I mixed some of the syrup w/Sprite Zero to make a downright dandy fizzy drink that I garnished w/1 of the rings. I hope to post pics of all 3 for you. *KUDOS* for this spec recipe & thx for sharing it w/us. :-)

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twissis September 10, 2007
Candied Apple Rings or Slices