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I made this last night for supper. When my husband came home he said, "Boy, something smells good." Well, it tasted good too. The blending of the onion, garlic, paprika and cilantro really enhanced the rest of the ingredients. I served it with some crusty bread to dip in the broth. I didn't have a green pepper so I used a yellow one instead. Yum.

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Wileysmom January 20, 2003

Girl, this soup rules! It's so easy to make but you can't tell from the flavor. I did add a few chopped green onions to each bowl as a garnish with the green pepper and cilantro. Believe it or not, I can't wait to get sick so I can make this and test its medicinal uses! Thanks for exposing me to the flavors of the canary islands. Now I gotta book a trip! :o)

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Malriah January 19, 2003

Finally! A chicken soup for someone who doesn't eat chicken! This was very easy to make and the flavor is just right. Lots of veggies, and the rice and potatoes fill you up. I have to admit, I just dumped in the cilantro instead of tieing it. I love the stuff so much, I couldn't throw it away. Also ended up keeping the green pepper in and eating it with the soup...very yummy. The chopped cilantro and pepper sprinkled on top before serving made a nice crunchy/fresh contrast with the hot soup. Thanks canarygirl!

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yogi March 19, 2007

I think I'm going to call you Queen Cilantro. This is the second "cilantro recipe" of yours that I have tried and both have been exceptional. Followed this one exactly and was very pleased at the end product. I think this would make a great side dish as well - even though we ate it as a main course. The rice and potatoes really do fill you up. It is a cilantro-lover's dream! As someone else said, don't skip chopping the remaining pepper for garnish, it makes for great texture in the final product. Thanks for another great one!

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Jill77 February 13, 2003

What a delicious soup! I also used chicken broth and used a red pepper instead as green peppers don't agree with me. I added some carrots, turnip and parsnips also. Yummy! Thank you! Great with big hunks of home made bread and butter!! Ha!

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Fishbait November 24, 2003

Oh, this stuff is great! I found it quite filling and VERY tasty. And easy once you get all that chopping of all of those potatoes done! It makes you feel all lovely and warm inside. I imagine it really would be great for a cold. Anyhow, I added cumin and a little chili powder in leu of the paprika as we don't really keep paprika in the house as its mostly flavorless if you ask us. I put the rice in after 15 minutes cooking time, but after another 15 minutes it was most definitely not done so I simmered for another 10-15 until it was done. I used brown rice, so this may have had an effect on that, perhaps. Anyway, I loved it, though my boyfriend said he felt a little "cilantroed-out" afterwards. He would have liked to see an addition of some meat- he says fish, but I say chicken. We'll see next time I make it what I do. I served it with garlic bread (made from a baguette that I bought to eat with this soup but my BF insisted I make garlic bread out of it) and we sprinkled the cilantro and pepper on top as suggested. I froze the leftovers (it's only me and my boyfriend, so we couldn't eat the whole batch) in a gallon bag, but I wish I hadn't because I want some more right now!!! Thanks for a great recipe.

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Roosie August 20, 2003

Is all the food from the Canary Islands this good? We loved everything about it, especially its slight creaminess and that mild cilantro flavor -- prominent but not overpowering. I used a yellow pepper instead of green just for personal preference, and 2 tsp. chicken-flavored broth mix for the boullion cubes. Thanks for sharing this recipe Canary Girl; I'll make it often.

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Linorama June 02, 2003

I made this recipe yesterday. Many times, I won't rate a soup until its been allowed to sit in the fridge overnight. I ate a bowl of this as soon as I made it and a bowl today. Today it tasted better than yesterday. The rice adds a good texture to this healthful soup. I wil say I felt like this was missing something, as it was very bland to me. I'm glad I made it, as the ingredients had me very curious as to how it tasted!

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MechanicalJen March 16, 2008

This was such a hearty and tasty soup!! I used a mixture of sweet and smoked paprika and I used a little more than what the recipe called for! We recently returned from a visit to Spain and although we weren't able to visit the Canary Islands...this brought us back to the wonderful culture of authentic Spanish cuisine that we were very much craving!! It smells wonderful as it cooks/reheats too! Will definitely be making this one again!

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Vino p.o. prn March 18, 2007

The flavor of this soup is unlike anything I have ever had before and for that alone it deserves 5 stars. I added about 1/3 c of rice and did chop up the green pepper into the soup, and used hot paprika. As I ate it I kept thinking there should be something more to it, but couldn't put my finger on it. Oh well, guess I will have to just keep making it to figur it out!

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Michelle S. March 26, 2004
Canary Island Cilantro Soup