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My daughter requested this as her last meal before returning back to college. I actually made five servings from the recipe and the servings were still large. I found I had to add a lot more liquid to the rice than what was listed. I too was leary about the sauce, but the flavor is an amazing compIiment to the dish. I doubled the recipe for the sauce and my family didn't leave much left. Everybody's plates were clean and we were full. Great recipe. My first time working with phyllo dough. My first couple were messy but I got the hang of it after that. The flavor was fantastic.

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Iron Mom January 03, 2009

This was sooo good. My BF at two in one sitting and so did the neighbor. BF has been raving about it to his friends and asked me to print the recipe to give out. I was worried that he wouldn't like the sauce but he said it was the best part and wants me to make it for a saefood dipping sauce.I would say the prep takes longer than 20 min but it was well worth the effort. Thanks Olga

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Andi Marie January 30, 2008
Canadian Salmon Strudels