Canadian Maple Milk from Ontario

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Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

Posted for ZWT from the Ontario Maple Syrup Council website which touts it as a popular Canadian drink. I've tweaked it just a bit as 2 heaping tablespoons of syrup seemed a just a tad excessive :lol:

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  1. Mix together with a handheld drink mixer so that it gets bubbly.
  2. Enjoy!
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WOW this is good! Let me start by saying I HATE plain milk, always have. I can't stomach it. I always have to have chocolate or strawberry flavor in it to even manage it, and the occassion I do that is rare. I am, however, pregnant and trying to get lots of calcium for my little one so decided to try this. This makes it bearable and honestly is less sugar than chocolate milk as well as made with more natural ingredients - I love it! Thanks for sharing.

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made for ZWT4 - and was great with Julie's baked oatmeal everyone in the office loved it!!!

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I liked this a lot.. it was sweet and made drinking milk a lot more inviting. However the sweetness isn't something that I would like too often, it was definiately nice for a change. I used the small add-on cup attachment on my new blender and this whizzed up in seconds. Please see my Rating System: 4 excellent stars for a very tasty treat and for a more inviting way to enjoy milk. Thanks!