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This quiche was great and I loved the bread crust! Having kids that want to eat dinner as soon as they get home (!) I didn't have a ready made pie crust anyway. The bread crust was so easy to make and performed very well, did not get soggy and held up to the egg mixture as it baked. I put pimentos in since I didn't have any red pepper. It worked just as well. It had an overall mild taste, so for those that do not want alot of spice this is perfect as is. If you prefer more "lively" taste, just add whatever you want to make it so. Overall this was a super-fast, great recipe!

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youngdovefarm December 03, 2009

I had Canadian bacon that needed to be used up and my back was to the wall for time, however, this reci;pe came to the rescue. The flavors were wonderful but mild. The bread crust was different, kind of like bread pudding. It made a much lower fat dish than the usual quiche pie crust. I had to adjust for my 10 inch pie plate, so I added 1 egg and 1/4 cup milk. Otherwise I stuck with the program. It was really good, like ham quiche. It was just a bit more mild than what I'm used to, here in the Southwest. I'm keeping, this recipe for the future. but I'll probably add some green chiles for the next go round.

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Cook In Southwest April 21, 2009
Canadian Bacon Quiche