Camping Sweet Roasted Apples

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Total Time
10 mins
10 mins

Another delicious desert for your camping experience!

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  1. Remove the cores of apples such that the apples are intact with a tube like hole right through the center.
  2. Keep the skins of the apples.
  3. Mix the sugar, raisins& cinnamon together.
  4. Stuff this raisin mixture into the cored apples in the tube-like hole.
  5. Compact well and wrap each whole apple in aluminum foil paper.
  6. Place on embers at campfire, wait 8-10 minutes, remove foil and serve.
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Yumm, what a great idea! So easy to make a well. I brought with us two zip lock bags, one filled with brown sugar with spices and the other with mixed chopped nuts and raisins, and we used these two mixtures for stuffing the apples as well as for other food items such as oatmeal. This is a keeper and I can see us making campfire apples on many camping trips to come. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

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I hate to give this one a lower review because they probably would have been tasty if we could have been able to open the foil. The sugar made it soooo sticky that we couldn't even get to the apples. I will probably attempt again, though!

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Yum! My family and I always make this when we go camping. We use brown sugar and walnuts.